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Details for Roster ID 960

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Name:Joseph Powhatan Minetree
Affiliation:Class of 1859
Biography & Genealogy:Joseph Powhatan Minetree, Class of 1859: Genealogy: Born- March 20, 1839 in Petersburg, Va. Father- James Minetree; Mother- Louisa Fellows. Pat. Grandfather- John Minetree; Pat. Grandmother- Martha Denton. Mat. Grandfather- James Fellows. Mat. Grandmother- Marie Rene Durand. Married- Virginia Elizabeth Epps on Feb. 15, 1866. Children- 1- Mary Virginia Minetree, who married H. B. Hollifield; 2- Louisa Minetree, who married George Hewitt Evans; 3- John Eppes Minetree; 4- Joseph Powhatan Minetree, Jr.; 5- Martha Batte Minetree, who married Charles Fitts; 6- Elizabeth Eppes Minetree; 7- James Lawrence; 8- George McChase Minetree; 9- Claudia Haines Minetree. VMI Record: Entered VMI- July 21, 1855; Graduated July 4, 1859 standing 16th in a class of 19. Military Record: Appointed Adjutant by Va. Secession Convention July 12, 1861, and assigned to 41st Va. Infantry; made 1st Lieut. in Confederate States Army Oct. 4, 1861; elected Major May 3, 1862; Severely wounded in action at Malvern Hill; Appointed Lt. Col. Aug. 15, 1862, but absent until April, 1863 while recovering from wound and on Court Martial Duty; Wounded in action May 6, 1864 at the Wilderness; absent until Sept. 6, 1864; paroled at Appomattox in 1865. Careers: Building contractor; railroad purchasing agent; President of VMI Board of Visitors 1882-84. Died- Jan. 25, 1907 in Washington, D.C. Buried at Rock Creek Cemetery there.