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Name:Charles Wesley Hardy
Affiliation:Class of 1857
Biography & Genealogy:Charles Wesley Hardy, Class of 1857: Genealogy: Born- Oct. 12, 1836 in Norfolk, Va. Father- William Jarvis Hardy; Mother- Anna Trueblood. Pat. Grandfather- Rev. Edward Hardy; Pat. Grandmother- Lydia Jarvis. Mat. Grandfather- Jesse Trueblood; Mat. Grandmother- Millicent Maddox. Married- Victoria Taliaferro, daughter of Dr. Edmund Pendleton Taliaferro. Children- one son who died infancy. VMI Record: Entered VMI- Jan. 21, 1854; Graduated July 4, 1857 standing 7th in a class of 23. Civil War Record: Appointed Captain, Quarter Master June 29, 1861 and assigned to duty in Richmond, Va.; ordered to serve with the Reserve Ambulance Train II Corps and Artillery Ordnance Train III Corps on March 9, 1863; made Assistant Quarter Master for Col. H.C. Cabell's Artillery Battalion in late 1863; assigned to Forest Depot on July 21, 1864; later Assistant Quarter Master of post in Lynchburg, Va.; In hospital in Richmond, Va. Aug. -Oct. 1864. Careers: Merchant. Died- March 31, 1871 in Jacksonville, Fla.
About the Hardy family at VMI-
Four sons of Thomas Asbury Hardy and Elizabeth M. Pierce attended VMI. They were: Thomas A. Hardy, Jr., (Class of 1860); Edward M. Hardy (Class of 1860); William C. Hardy (Class of 1864); and Robert L. Hardy (Class of 1879). A sister, Mary Pinckney Hardy, married Arthur MacArthur and was the mother of General Douglas MacArthur. In addition, two cousins of the Hardy siblings attended VMI: Charles W. Hardy (class of 1857) and William J. Hardy, Jr. (Class of 1865). They were the sons of William Jarvis Hardy and Anna Trueblood. The paternal grandparents of all the children mentioned above were the Rev. Edward Hardy and Lydia Jarvis.