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Details for Roster ID 2957

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Name:John Williamson McGavock
Affiliation:Class of 1867
Biography & Genealogy:John Williamson McGavock, Class of 1867. New Market Cadet. Genealogy: Born- Oct 25, 1846 in Wytheville, Va. Father- Ephriam McGavock; Mother- Abigail Jouet Williamson. Pat. Grandfather- James McGavock; Pat. Grandmother- Mary Crockett. Mat. Grandfather- Mathias Williamson; Mat. Grandmother- Frances Hargrave Jouet. Married- 1st- Emily Maria Graham on Nov. 21, 1871 (died in 1889); 2nd- Jane Byrd Pendleton, on June 17, 1891. Children- (From 1st Marriage) 1- David Graham McGavock; 2- John Williamson McGavock; 3- Ephraim McGavock; 4- Martha Pierce McGavock; 5- Abigail Jouet McGavock; 6- James Hampton McGavock; 7- Henry Parrish McGavock; 8- Margaret Mathews McGavock; 9- Mary Bell McGavock; (From 2nd Marriage) 10- Emily Maria Graham McGavock; 11- Byrd Page McGavock; 12- Sarah Jackson McGavock; 13- Gurdon [Guerdon] Pendleton McGavock; 14- Stephen McGavock; 15- Francis Nelson McGavock. VMI Record: Entered VMI- Jan. 14, 1864; Resigned around 1865; Made Honorary Graduate of the Class of 1867 on Jan. 16, 1875. Civil War Record- Served with the Corps of Cadets during the Battle of New Market as Private in Co. C.; Remained with the Corps of Cadets stationed in Richmond, Va. until the Corps disbanded in 1865. Careers- Farmer. Died- March 20, 1934, killed in an auto accident in Miami, Fla.
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