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Details for Roster ID 2033

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Name:William Nivison Blow
Affiliation:Class of 1876
Biography & Genealogy:William Nivison Blow Jr., Class of 1876: Genealogy: Born- Aug. 11, 1855 in Petersburg, VA. Father- William Nivison Blow; Mother- (First name unknown) Cargill. Pat. Grandfather- Col. George Blow; Pat. Grandmother- Eliza Waller. Mat. Grandfather- John Cargill; Mat. Grandmother- Margaret Belhes. Married- (First name unknown) Thomas, daughter of Gen. Henry Goddard Thomas. Children- William Thomas Blow who married Ima McClannahan. VMI Record: Entered VMI- Sept. 26, 1872; Graduated- June 29, 1876 standing 20th in a Class of 35. Military Record: Major, U.S. Volunteers in Spanish American War. Careers: Civil Engineer. Died- Oct. 29, 1907.