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Details for Roster ID 143

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Name:John Lewis Peyton
Affiliation:Class of 1843
Biography & Genealogy: John Lewis Peyton, Class of 1843: Born- Sept. 15, 1824 in Staunton, Va. Father- John Howe Peyton; Mother- Anne Montgomery Lewis. Pat. Grandfather- John Rouze Peyton; Pat. Grandmother- Anna Hooe. [no information on Mat. Grandparents]. Married- Henrietta Clark Washington, daughter of Col. John C. Washington . Issue- Lawrence Washington Howe Peyton. Entered VMI- July 20, 1840; Resigned Dec. 11, 1841 for health reasons. Went on to receive Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Virginia in 1844. Practiced law until 1851 when he was sent by the U.S. Government on special mission to England, France and Austria for the Fillmore Administration. Appointed U.S. District Attorney for Utah. He was opposed to secession from the Union, but when Civil War broke out he helped organize a Confederate Regiment, but was physically unable to fight himself. He was appointed as a state agent for North Carolina to serve abroad in England and remained there from 1861 until 1876. During that time and after he was engaged in literary work and published many books including: The American Crisis; History of Augusta Co. VA; and Reminiscences of a Residence Abroad. Died- May 21, 1896.
Photograph:No digital image available