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Details for Roster ID 12789

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Name:Yao Huan Lew
Affiliation:Class of 1925
Biography & Genealogy:Yao- Huan Lew (Iu Waan Liu), Class of 1925 Genealogy: Born- June 18, 1899 in Guangzhou (Canton) VMI Record: Entered VMI- Sept. 8, 1921; Left May 26, 1922 and attended Norwich University; Reinstated at VMI Feb. 7, 1924 as 2nd Classman (Junior); Graduated June 17, 1925. Career/ Military Record: Returned to China in 1925 and was commissioned a major at the President's Headquarters. He was assigned to teach at the Huangpo Military Academy. A year later he was recalled into active service. He led a batallion in the Nationalists' Northern Expedition to fight the warlords and the Communists in the Chinese Anti-Japanese Imperialistic War (1937-1945) In 20 years of military service, he rose to the rank of two-star general and was a division commander of the New Sixth Army. After World War II, China entered a period of civil war (Anti-Liberation War) and he was assigned to hold back the Communist advance. In December 1949 he was captured at Hepo neat the Guangxi(Kwangsi) and Vietnamese border. He was sentenced to death and his Brother Rats at VMI believed for a long time that he had been killed by the Communists. But his sentence had been commuted to a life sentence. He was released in 1964 under a special clemency decreed when the People's Republic celebrated their 15th anniversary. His children were living in the USA by then and petitioned for him to be able to leave China with his wife and join them. The request was approved in December of 1975. His Chinese name was translated to Iu-Waan Liu while attending VMI 1921- 25. But when he returned to the U.S.A in 1976 his name was translated to Yao-Huan Lew. He lived for many years after in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Died- April 21, 1990. For more information, contact the VMI Archives.
Photograph:No digital image available