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Details for Roster ID 1072

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Name:William Henry Gillespie
Affiliation:Class of 1862
Biography & Genealogy:Gillespie William Henry, Class of 1862 (graduated 17th out of 35): Born- October 8, 1840. Matriculated from Alma, WV. At VMI 1 year (entered as a sophomore). Military Record: Drill master, Richmond spring of 1861. Appointed 2nd Lt, Engineers March 18, 1862 (Date of rank March 1) for duty with Maj Gen (later Lt Gen) "Stonewall" Jackson. Learning that CS authorities had imprisoned his father for disloyalty, he deserted and went home. (Dropped from CS rolls October 30, 1862.) At Wheeling (WV) August 23, 1862 he joined the 14th WV (originally 14th Va [US]) as 1st Lt and Adjutant. Present when US troops burned VMI June 12, 1864 and tried to persuade the commander not to do so. Charged with leaving a regiment at Battle of Lynchburg (June 17-18, 1864 and arrested August 24, 1864. Military Commission recommended that he not be dismissed. Stating that he had been "honorably aquitted," he submitted resignaion December 13, 1864 "because I am satisfied from the relations that exist between the Field Officers of the regimentand myself that is best for the public service." Approved. Honorably discharged December 20, 1864. Post War Career: physician and real estate. Died- November 1, 1897. in Alma, WV.
Photograph:No digital image available