Title Call Number Date Added
Latinx literature unboundPS153.H56 R63 20182020-03-19
Loss and redemption at St. VithD756.5.A7 F66 20192020-03-19
Still-life with GodPS3601.T4875 A6 20202020-03-19
The Battle of Negro FortE83.817 .C58 20192020-03-18
Black waveDS63.1 .G4916 20202020-03-18
FacebookHM743.F33 L48 20202020-03-18
Literature, American stylePS195.N35 T39 20182020-03-18
Russians among usJN6529.I6 C65 20202020-03-18
Ways of heavenDS706 .S78 20192020-03-18
Whisper tapesHQ1735.2 .M68 20192020-03-18
How to measure the infiniteQA299.82 .B46 20192020-03-18
Immigration, assimilation, and border securityJV6483 .S537 20202020-03-18
What if the Earth had two moons?QB638 .C66 20112020-03-18
The creativity codeQ335 .D87 20192020-03-16
Screening WoolfPR6045.O72 Z7295 20172020-03-10
Why we're polarizedHN90.P57 K54 20202020-03-10
1774E208 .N635 20202020-03-10
The beauty of mathematics in computer scienceQA76.9.M35 W84 20192020-03-10
Border land, border waterF787 .A48 20192020-03-10
Fake news nationPN4888.F35 C67 20192020-03-10
How information warfare shaped the Arab SpringU163 .G74 20192020-03-10
Unknown valorD767.99.I9 M23 20202020-03-10
The splendid and the vileDA566.9.C5 L326 20202020-03-10
Operation ChastiseD786 .H332 20202020-03-10
Supreme inequalityKF8748 .C549 20202020-03-10
Forestry in the U.S. SouthSD144.A15 C37 20152020-03-10
The affirmative action puzzleHF5549.5.A34 U76 20202020-03-10
Every drop of bloodE457.45 .A36 20202020-03-10
Constance Fenimore WoolsonPS3361 .R56 20202020-03-04
Science communication onlineQ224.5 .M44 20192020-03-04
Essentials of environmental engineeringTA170 .S64 20202020-03-03
From vehicles to grid to electric vehicles to green gridTL220 .L55 20202020-03-03
Humble piQA93 .P37275 20202020-03-03
Partial differential equationsQA374 .H368 20192020-03-03
Power tripTJ163.2 .W368 20192020-03-03
Universal lifeQB820 .B688 20192020-03-03
The greatest furyE356.N5 D38 20192020-03-03
The impossible firstG850 2018 .O27 20202020-03-03
Power, space, and timeJZ1242 .R53 20202020-03-03
The macho paradoxHV6250.4.W65 K39 20192020-03-03
New Model IslandDA589.4 .N58 20192020-03-02
Fires of lifeQP135 .L68 20192020-03-02
Introduction to addictive behaviorsRC564 .T55 20192020-03-02
The life of the lakesSH219.6 .D36 20192020-03-02
On the shoulders of giantsN68.3 .E3613 20192020-03-02
Revolutionary constitutionsK3165 .A25 20192020-03-02
The making of a Rifles officerUA652.R5 L353 20192020-02-27
John UpdikePS3571.P4 A6 20202020-02-26
HomelandPQ6651.R26 P3813 20192020-02-26
Single-atom catalysisQD505 .P34 20192020-02-25
Thoreau's lost journalPS3569.M357557 T47 20182020-02-25
Chinese spiesJQ1509.5.I6 F3513 20192020-02-25
A global history of runawaysHD5717 .G57 20192020-02-12
Remarkable treesSD383 .H65 20192020-02-12
The emotional mindQP401 .A76 20192020-02-12
Good enoughQH366.2 .M555 20192020-02-12
Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentimentE184.M88 G68 20192020-02-11
The politics of paradigmsQ143.K83 R45 20192020-02-11
Master the GRE general test 2020LB3060.33.G45 M37 20202020-02-11
SAMTJ211.15 .W35 20202020-02-11
User friendlyTS171.4 .K83 20192020-02-11
Women in their elementQD21 .W63 20192020-02-11
World War IIG1038 .M35 20192020-02-11
Rosa ParksF334.M753 R48 20202020-02-11
Aristotle's art of rhetoricPA3893 .R313 20192020-02-11
The bombU264.3 .K35 20202020-02-11
Carnivorous plantsQK917 .T677 20192020-02-11
The copyeditor's handbookPN4784.C75 E37 20192020-02-11
Covenant brothersDS150.5 .H86 20192020-02-11
A fiery gospelBL98.5 .G36 20192020-02-11
A very stable geniusE913.3 .R835 20202020-02-11
A history of YugoslaviaDR1282 .C3513 20192020-02-11
The hundred years' war on PalestineDS119.7 .K4279 20202020-02-11
Paradoxes of the popularHN690.6.A8 C4685 20192020-02-11
TightropeHN59.2 .K75 20202020-02-11
Women in Weimar fashionPT405 .G334 20082020-02-05
A nation fragmentedP95.82.U6 E38 20192020-02-03
Flaubert voyageurPQ2249 .F64 20192020-02-03
Security and public healthRA566.27 .R87 20192020-02-03
Oeuvres complètesPQ2349 .A1 2019 v.12020-02-03
Whistleblowers, leakers, and their networksJF1525.W45 A86 20202020-02-03
Colonial justice and the Jews of Venetian CreteDS135.G72 C746 20192020-02-03
The secret garden ;PS1212 .G47 20192020-01-31
War!DS683.7 .B87 20202020-01-29
Out of our mindsB105.T54 F47 20192020-01-28
The poet and the antiquariesPR1924 .C594 20192020-01-28
Vaccinating BritainRA638 .M57 20192020-01-28
Designing processesTH880 .B4713 20192020-01-28
Wayward lives, beautiful experimentsE185.86 .H379 20192020-01-28
Indoor air pollutionTD883.17 .I53 20192020-01-28
No visible bruisesHV6626.2 .S59 20192020-01-28
The ambassadorsJZ1480.A55 R53 20192020-01-28
The ethical algorithmHC79.I55 K43 20202020-01-28
ManhuntersHV5805.E82 M87 20192020-01-28
None of your damn businessBF637.P74 C36 20192020-01-28
Poisoner in chiefJK468.I6 K56 20192020-01-28
The red star and the crescentDS63.2.C6 R43 20182020-01-28
Revolutionary brothersE332.2 .C45 20192020-01-28
Analyzing childrenBF721 .K635 20192020-01-28
Artificial intelligenceQ335 .J45 20192020-01-28
DispossessedHG2040.5.U62 S76 20192020-01-28
HarassedHD6060.3 .H36 20192020-01-28
Life finds a wayQH360.5 .W34 20192020-01-27
Geoengineering, the anthropocene and the end of natureTD171.75 .B37 20192020-01-27
Medieval bodiesCB351 .H25 20182020-01-27
Iran reframedPN1993.5.I846 B35 20192020-01-27
The psychology of politicsJA74.5 .R475 20192020-01-27
Sand & steelD756.5.N6 C33 20192020-01-27
Soviet women and their artN6988 .L38 20192020-01-27
The swordU852 .S97 20192020-01-27
The business of changing the worldHV25 .K86 20192020-01-27
Teaching about race and racism in the college classroomLB2331 .K42 20192020-01-24
Interplanetary robotsTL789.8.U6 P95 20192020-01-21
Wright brothers, wrong storyTL540.W7 H392 20182020-01-21
Falling awakeBF637.M4 K17 20182020-01-21
Meditation is not what you thinkBF637.M4 K226 20182020-01-21
Mindfulness for allBF637.M56 K227 20192020-01-21
The healing power of mindfulnessBF637.M56 K33 20182020-01-21
Elizabethan globalismDA356 .D56 20192020-01-17
Guest house for young widowsHQ1058.5.M628 M63 20192020-01-17
River thievesPR9199.3.C717 R47 20032020-01-17
Season of conspiracyBX9423.P65 B46 20202020-01-15
Celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the American Philosophical SocietyQ11.A44 C45 20192020-01-15
Sustainability prospects for autonomous vehiclesTL152.8 .M373 20192020-01-14
Ungendering technologyT36 .H33 20192020-01-14
Virginia WoolfPR6045.O72 Z6439 20192020-01-14
Return to the ReichD810.S8 M337 20192020-01-14
Joan Didion, the 1960s & 70sPS3554.I33 A6 20192020-01-14
American science fictionPS648.S3 A51554 20192020-01-14
Thriving in an all-boys clubHV8023 .R325 20182020-01-14
Provocative eloquencePN2248 .M54 20192020-01-10
The scientific attitudeQ175.5 .M3955 20192020-01-10
Immigration and the American ethosJV6456 .L48 20202020-01-10
Property and the pursuit of happinessKF562 .E75 20192020-01-10
The future of fusion energyQC791 .P37 20192020-01-10
WhistleblowingHD60 .K4822 20192020-01-10
The poetics and politics of sensuality in ChinaPL2275.E74 L5 20192020-01-10
A life for waterGB659.72.L46 L46 20192020-01-09
American science fictionPS648.S3 A5155 20192020-01-08
Complete novelsPS3569.T2 A6 20192020-01-08
The politics of painHC240.25.G7 O76 20192020-01-06
The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and religionPR3011 .C285 20192020-01-06
Statistical thermodynamicsTJ265 .D2945 20192020-01-06
Trick mirrorE169.12 .T63 20192020-01-06
The art of statisticsQA276.12 .S665 20192020-01-06
Audience of oneE913 .P66 20192020-01-06
ChargedKF9640 .B39 20192020-01-06
The collected schizophreniasRC514 .W236 20192020-01-06
A good provider is one who leavesE184.F4 D47 20192020-01-06
KochlandHD9569.K63 L46 20192020-01-06
Last boat out of ShanghaiDS777.542 .Z53 20192020-01-06
MoneylandHV8079.M64 B85 20192020-01-06
The mosquitoQL536 .W56 20192020-01-06
Sea level riseGC90.U5 P55 20192020-01-06
She saidHD6060.3 .K37 20192020-01-06
Spying on the SouthF213 .H768 20192020-01-06
The ride of a lifetimePN1998.3.I28 A3 20192020-01-06
This land is our landJV6465 .M45 20192020-01-06
The undyingRC280.B8 B645 20192020-01-06
What doesn't kill you makes you blackerE185.97.Y632 A3 20192020-01-06
When we were ArabsDS113.8.S4 H39 20192020-01-06
Women in ancient ChinaHQ1767 .H54 20182020-01-06
When Reagan sent in the MarinesDS87.53 .S63 20192020-01-06
The firstJC591 .F56 20192019-12-17
Problems with a pointQA93 .G3475 20192019-12-17
Alabamians in blueE551 .R45 20192019-12-12
The resistance in Western Europe 1940-1945D802.E85 W5413 20192019-12-12
Death is hard workPJ7942.H343 M3913 20192019-12-12
Solar powerTD195.S64 M85 20192019-12-03
Surviving global warmingTD885.5.G73 S43 20192019-12-03
The Topeka schoolPS3612.E68 T63 20192019-12-03
The memory policePL858.G37 H5713 20192019-12-03
CrossingPH356.S838 T5713 20192019-12-03
You are worth itDS371.43.C37 A3 20192019-11-21
Drive your plow over the bones of the deadPG7179.O37 P7613 20192019-11-06
The uninhabitable earthGF75 .W36 20192019-10-29
Fleishman is in troublePS3602.R63457 F57 20192019-10-22
Maybe EstherPT2716.E76 V5413 20192019-10-15
Trust exercisePS3553.H584 T78 20192019-10-02
Disappearing EarthPS3616.H4585 D57 20192019-10-02
SolitaryHV6248.W765 A3 20192019-09-30
10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange worldPS3619.H328 A614 20192019-09-24
A matter of factsZA3075 .M555 20192019-08-15
Language, form(s) of life, and logicB3376.W564 L337 20182019-05-13
The neuroscience of empathy, compassion, and self-compassionRC343 .N48 20182019-04-25
Altered traitsBL627 .G644 20182019-04-12
MeditationRC489 .M43 20192019-04-10
Les TragiquesPQ1603.A73 L4 19952019-04-08
Textual spacesPQ613 .K43 20192019-03-25
The end of the mythE179.5 .G76 20192019-03-14
Full catastrophe livingRA785 .K33 20132019-02-22
Plato's laughterB398.C63 T36 20172019-01-24
A bite-sized history of FranceTX637 .H46 20182018-12-05
The literature of the indian diaspora:PR9485.45 .M57 20142018-10-09
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understandingB3376 .W57 20172018-09-05
Renaissance France at warDC46.5 .P68 20082017-08-08
The HuguenotsBX9451 .H85 20142017-08-07
Ritual and violenceBL65.V55 R58 20122017-08-07
The bonjour effectDC34 .B275 20172017-07-24
Long-range public investmentHD3885 .L45 20072016-08-02
Title Author Date Added
The ventriloquistsRamzipoor, E. R.,2019-10-22
The Dutch housePatchett, Ann,2019-10-22
The gifted schoolHolsinger, Bruce W.,2019-09-20
Rich people problemsKwan, Kevin,2019-09-18
Lady in the lakeLippman, Laura,2019-09-17
The testamentsAtwood, Margaret,2019-09-11
The nickel boysWhitehead, Colson,2019-09-09
VarinaFrazier, Charles,2019-09-06
The doll factoryMacneal, Elizabeth,2019-09-06
The Darwin affairMason, Timothy,2019-09-06
The turn of the keyWare, Ruth,2019-08-02
The gone deadBenz, Chanelle,2019-07-22
One good deedBaldacci, David,2019-07-22
Sunset BeachAndrews, Mary Kay,2019-07-15
RecursionCrouch, Blake,2019-07-15
Wherever she goesArmstrong, Kelley,2019-07-08
Mistress of the RitzBenjamin, Melanie,2019-07-08
Outside looking inBoyle, T. Coraghessan,2019-07-08
Resistance womenChiaverini, Jennifer,2019-07-08
The red scrolls of magicClare, Cassandra,2019-07-08
WunderlandEpstein, Jennifer Cody,2019-07-08
AnneliesGillham, David R.,2019-07-08
AlienGrant, Mira,2019-07-08
The care and feeding of ravenously hungry girlsGray, Anissa,2019-07-08
Lost rosesKelly, Martha Hall,2019-07-08
Machines like meMcEwan, Ian,2019-07-08
Barely missing everythingMéndez, Matt,2019-07-08
A place for usMirza, Fatima Farheen,2019-07-08
The flight portfolioOrringer, Julie,2019-07-08
The library of lost and foundPatrick, Phaedra,2019-07-08
The Cornwalls are gonePatterson, James,2019-07-08
Women talkingToews, Miriam,2019-07-08
On Earth we're briefly gorgeousVuong, Ocean,2019-06-25
The lost girls of ParisJenoff, Pam,2019-05-16
WestsideAkers, W. M.,2019-05-16
When all is saidGriffin, Anne,2019-05-16
ExhalationChiang, Ted,2019-05-16
The silent patientMichaelides, Alex,2019-05-08
Where the crawdads singOwens, Delia,2019-04-22
GingerbreadOyeyemi, Helen,2019-04-22
Lost and wantedFreudenberger, Nell,2019-04-22
Black enough2019-04-22
The atlas of reds and bluesLaskar, Devi S.,2019-04-22
Willa & HesperFeltman, Amy,2019-04-22
Suspicious mindsBond, Gwenda,2019-04-22
Cemetery RoadIles, Greg,2019-04-22
Girls with sharp sticksYoung, Suzanne,2019-04-22
The dreamersWalker, Karen Thompson,2019-04-16
Black leopard, red wolfJames, Marlon,2019-03-18
The age of lightScharer, Whitney,2019-03-06
CrucibleRollins, James,2019-03-06
BowlawayMcCracken, Elizabeth,2019-03-06
The gilded wolvesChokshi, Roshani,2019-03-06
The tattooist of AuschwitzMorris, Heather2019-03-06
Tess of the roadHartman, Rachel,2019-03-06
The priory of the orange treeShannon, Samantha,2019-03-06
Golden childAdam, Claire,2019-03-06
Dread nationIreland, Justina,2019-03-06
Of blood and boneRoberts, Nora,2019-03-06
An anonymous girlHendricks, Greer,2019-03-06
The winter of the witchArden, Katherine,2019-03-06
The reckoningGrisham, John,2019-03-06
The New Iberia bluesBurke, James Lee,2019-03-06
The Paragon HotelFaye, Lyndsay,2019-03-06
The city in the middle of the nightAnders, Charlie Jane,2019-03-06
The break lineBrabazon, James,2019-03-06
The Raven towerLeckie, Ann,2019-03-06
American spyWilkinson, Lauren,2019-03-06
Fire & bloodMartin, George R. R.,2019-03-06
The plottersKim, Ŏn-su,2019-03-06
ElevationKing, Stephen,2018-11-29
FloridaGroff, Lauren,2018-11-29
The tangled treeQuammen, David,2018-11-29
Long road to MercyBaldacci, David,2018-11-28
Tony's wifeTrigiani, Adriana,2018-11-19
The Witch ElmFrench, Tana,2018-11-14
The clockmaker's daughterMorton, Kate,2018-11-14
Rising out of hatredSaslow, Eli,2018-11-05
Small countryFaye, Gaël,2018-11-02
An American marriageJones, Tayari,2018-11-02
Virgil WanderEnger, Leif,2018-11-02
War of the wolfCornwell, Bernard,2018-11-02
Lake SuccessShteyngart, Gary,2018-11-02
A spark of lightPicoult, Jodi,2018-11-02
UnshelteredKingsolver, Barbara,2018-11-02
Clock danceTyler, Anne,2018-11-02
There thereOrange, Tommy,2018-10-04
The great believersMakkai, Rebecca,2018-10-04
TranscriptionAtkinson, Kate,2018-10-01
Baby teethStage, Zoje,2018-09-18
WarlightOndaatje, Michael,2018-09-18
All we ever wantedGiffin, Emily,2018-09-18
GhostedWalsh, Rosie,2018-09-18
Bone on boneKeller, Julia,2018-08-17
CirceMiller, Madeline,2018-07-13
The fallenBaldacci, David,2018-07-06
The Mars roomKushner, Rachel,2018-06-28
The great aloneHannah, Kristin,2018-06-28
The wife between usHendricks, Greer,2018-06-28
The overstoryPowers, Richard,2018-06-01
EducatedWestover, Tara,2018-06-01
Everything happens for a reasonBowler, Kate,2018-06-01
Shelter in placeRoberts, Nora,2018-05-25
The Hellfire ClubTapper, Jake,2018-05-18
The midnight lineChild, Lee,2018-04-02
The rising seaCussler, Clive,2018-03-30
Children of blood and boneAdeyemi, Tomi,2018-03-30
The square and the towerFerguson, Niall,2018-03-27
Jackie, Janet & LeeTaraborrelli, J. Randy,2018-03-22
ChicagoMamet, David,2018-03-22
The house of broken angelsUrrea, Luis Alberto,2018-03-22
See what I have doneSchmidt, Sarah,2018-02-23
Dark in deathRobb, J. D.,2018-02-16
Sing, unburied, singWard, Jesmyn,2017-10-16
The last TudorGregory, Philippa,2017-08-04
The woman in cabin 10Ware, Ruth,2016-07-18
The girls of Mischief BayMallery, Susan,2015-02-23
The silver starWalls, Jeannette.2013-06-10
The stormCussler, Clive.2012-05-22
House of the huntedMills, Mark,2012-04-12
Title Call Number Date Added
The 50 years warDS119.7 .F53 20002020-03-16
Pain and gloryPN1997.2 .P35 20202020-03-09
Narco culturaHV6433.8.M6 N373 20142020-03-05
The climbersPN1997.2 .C55 20202020-03-04