Title Call Number Date Added
Little RabbitPS3619.O5326 L58 20222022-12-21
Beyond binariesHQ77.9 .B49 20212022-12-21
Always remember your nameD805.5.A96 B8313 20222022-12-21
BiHQ74 .S539 20222022-12-21
Free speechJC591 .M33 20222022-12-21
Greetings from Asbury ParkPS3620.U777 G744 20222022-12-21
HopperND237.H75 S76 20112022-12-21
My boy will die of sorrowHQ536 .O38 20222022-12-21
The imagineers of warU394.A75 W45 20172022-12-21
The Jakarta methodE744 .B476 20202022-12-21
Team AmericaE745 .O26 20222022-12-21
Seeing timeTR655 .K585 20202022-12-21
Solidarity economicsHD2961 .B425 20212022-12-21
Charlotte Perkins GilmanPS1744.G57 A6 20222022-12-21
The Mambo Kings and other novelsPS3558.I376 A6 20222022-12-21
Speeches & writingsE449.D75 A25 20222022-12-21
The illustrated man ;PS3503.R167 A6 20222022-12-21
John UpdikePS3571.P4 A6 20222022-12-21
Bless me, Ultima ;PS3551.N27 A6 20222022-12-21
Slouching towards UtopiaHC54 .D54 20222022-12-14
The treesPS3555.V34 T74 20212022-12-14
Constructing a nervous systemE185.97.J44 A3 20222022-12-14
GreenlandPS3619.A5988 G74 20222022-12-14
The immortal King RaoPS3622.A7235 I46 20222022-12-14
The winnersPT9877.12.A32 V5613 20222022-12-14
NSFWPS3611.A6496 N78 20222022-12-14
The swimmersPS3615.T88 S95 20222022-12-14
The bully pulpitTR647 .M6775 20192022-12-14
Vagina obscuraRG268 .G76 20222022-12-14
Adjusting the lensTR681.I58 A35 20212022-12-14
As long as grass growsE98.S67 G55 20192022-12-14
The Waste Land after one hundred yearsPS3509.L43 W38353 20222022-12-14
Bad MexicansF1234 .H6754 20222022-12-14
The BibleBS475.3 .C664 20212022-12-14
Bread and freedomDT107.88 .E415 20212022-12-14
The colors of loveHQ801.8 .M55 20212022-12-14
Existential physicsQC6 .H656 20222022-12-14
Gay barHQ76.3.G72 L656 20212022-12-14
Gender violenceHV6250.4.W65 B869 20222022-12-14
GunfightHD9744.F553 U62355 20212022-12-14
The inheritorsDT1971 .F35 20222022-12-14
Into enemy watersD773 .D83 20222022-12-14
IranNK1041 .I74 20212022-12-14
Keywords for gender and sexuality studiesHQ1180 .K49 20212022-12-14
Media disruptedHD9999.C9472 L68 20212022-12-14
The party and the peopleJQ1519.A5 D5297 20212022-12-14
Plagues upon the earthRA649 .H274 20212022-12-14
Retail inequalityHD9000.5 .K588 20222022-12-14
Thinking like an economistHC106.84 .B47 20222022-12-14
The plot to betray AmericaE912 .N36 20192022-12-14
The transformation mythHD49 .K36 20212022-12-14
UnsettledHD9666.9.P87 H36 20212022-12-14
WakeE447 .H35 20222022-12-14
Brave new worldPR6015.U9 B65 20042022-12-14
JawbonePQ8220.425.J433 M3613 20222022-12-14
KibogoPQ3989.3.M843 K5313 20222022-12-14
PunksPS3561.E3717 P86 20212022-12-14
The rupture tensePS3624.I4 R87 20222022-12-14
Scary monstersPR9619.4.D4 S33 20222022-12-14
Scattered all over the earthPL862.A85 C4713 20222022-12-14
LithiumHD9697.B322 B43 20212022-12-14
These precious daysPS3566.A7756 A6 20212022-12-14
The town of BabylonPS3622.A7413 T69 20222022-12-14
TrustPS3604.I17 T78 20222022-12-14
Look at this bluePS3553.O4366 L66 20222022-12-14
The story of RussiaDK17 .F54 20222022-12-14
2034PS3601.C5456 A615 20212022-12-14
The American chestnutSD397.A48 D38 20212022-12-14
Unmask AlicePS3569.P36 Z64 20222022-12-14
In the hands of the riverPS3613.E138 I5 20222022-12-14
The vortexHV636 1970.B36 C37 20222022-12-14
Hollywood in ChinaPN1993.5.C4 Z583 20222022-12-14
The evolution of nuclear strategyU263 .F698 20192022-12-14
And there was lightE457.2 .M479 20222022-12-14
Battle cryPS3541.R46 B37 20222022-12-14
Ways of beingBF431 .B678 20222022-12-14
A short history of RussiaDK40 .G35 20202022-12-14
The marriage portraitPR6065.F36 M36 20222022-12-14
If an Egyptian cannot speak EnglishPR9199.4.N338 I4 20222022-12-13
Damaged like meHM671 .D367 20212022-12-13
Gathering blossoms under firePS3573.A425 Z46 20222022-12-13
The study of human lifePS3602.E664483 S78 20222022-12-13
The seven moons of Maali AlmeidaPR9440.9.K378 S48 20222022-12-09
All quiet on the western frontPT2635.E68 I625 20182022-12-09
Admirals under fireDS558.7 .M34 20212022-12-09
Arbitrary linesHT169.7 .G73 20222022-12-09
The arc of a covenantE183.8.I7 M423 20222022-12-09
Asian American histories of the United StatesE184.A75 C516 20222022-12-09
Atmospheres of violenceHQ77.965.U6 S73 20212022-12-09
Augustine and traditionBR65.A9 A8625 20212022-12-09
The bonds of inequalityHJ9205.S3 J36 20212022-12-09
BorderlinesHD8081.A5 M45 20212022-12-09
The destructionistsJK2356 .M55 20222022-12-09
The digital Silk RoadHF1604 .H55 20212022-12-09
The future of executive developmentHD30.4 .M65 20222022-12-09
Joan DidionPS3554.I33 Z94 20212022-12-09
Living on the edgeHD8072.5 .P38 20212022-12-09
Losing the long gameDS63.2.U5 G594 20202022-12-09
Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Party and the Northern Ireland Conflict, 1975-1990DA990.U46 K4615 20212022-12-09
NeuroticismR726.5 .S28 20212022-12-09
The religious journey of Dwight D. EisenhowerE836 .H63 20212022-12-09
RulesHM1251 .D37 20222022-12-09
Russian utopiaHX914 .S74 20212022-12-09
The Stonewall readerHQ76.8.U5 S77 20192022-12-09
Vice patrolHQ76.3.U6 L96 20212022-12-09
The war on small businessHD2346.U5 R68 20212022-12-09
We are not born submissiveHQ1190 .G27313 20212022-12-09
Woke capitalismHD3611 .R46 20222022-12-09
Work without the workerHD6331 .J66 20212022-12-09
All this could be differentPS3613.A8274 A78 20222022-12-09
BalladzPS3565.L34 B35 20222022-12-09
BeartownPT9877.12.A32 B5513 20172022-12-09
Best BarbarianPS3618.E4456 B47 20222022-12-09
The birdcatcherPS3560.O483 B57 20222022-12-09
BreathlessRA644.C67 Q36 20222022-12-09
God's children are little broken thingsPS3609.F37 G64 20222022-12-09
The haunting of Hajji HotakPS3611.O343 H38 20222022-12-09
An immense worldQP431 .Y66 20222022-12-09
In sensoriumPS3609.S55 Z45 20222022-12-09
The invisible kingdomRC108 .O765 20222022-12-09
Lord of the fliesPR6013.O35 L6 20132022-12-09
The man who could move cloudsPS3618.O5355 Z46 20222022-12-09
MeccaPS3569.T6795 M43 20222022-12-09
The rabbit hutchPS3607.U54827 R33 20222022-12-09
Prisoners of the castleD805.5.O37 M22 20222022-12-09
What is a girl worth?GV460.2.D46 A3 20192022-11-02
Plymouth colonyF68 .P59 20222022-10-05
Infinite powersQA303.2 .S78 20192022-09-26
Mammals of VirginiaQL719.V5 L56 20212022-09-26
Digging up the seeds of white supremacyE184.A1 F54 20222022-09-26
Spies, lies, and algorithmsJK468.I6 Z418 20222022-09-21
GloryPR9390.9.B85 G55 20222022-09-21
Small things like thesePR6061.E329 S63 20212022-09-21
DeplorableJK524 .S88 20212022-09-21
Retail racismHC110.C6 D846 20212022-09-21
America against America (USA)HN59.2 .W3613 20222022-09-21
Wonder strikesB1626.D474 K59 20222022-09-21
The Good Lord BirdPS3613.C28 G66 20132022-09-21
MLA Guide to Digital LiteracyZA4065 .C37 20222022-09-21
SuperabundanceHB849.41 .T75 20222022-09-21
Danger zoneE183.8.C5 B43 20222022-09-21
The bright agesD117 .G337 20212022-09-19
FormidableHQ1236.5.U6 G75 20222022-09-19
The disappearance of Josef MengelePQ2707.U379 D5713 20222022-09-19
The shadow in the EastDK502.715 .N39 20202022-09-12
Reagan's Soviet rhetoricE877.2 .L38 20222022-09-12
The boy, the mole, the fox and the horseN7433.3 .M33 20212022-09-07
The Crimean WarDK214 .F53 20102022-09-06
On consolationBF637.C54 I36 20212022-09-06
Picasso's warN6853.P5 E22 20222022-09-02
The woman warriorPS3561.I52 A6 20222022-09-02
Collected poemsPS3569.N88 A6 20222022-09-01
Sisters in resistanceDG575.C52 M39 20222022-08-29
Broken IcarusTL515 .H253 20222022-08-29
On the origin of evolutionQH375 .G75 20222022-08-29
One person, one voteJK1341 .S393 20222022-08-29
Under the skinRA448.5.B53 V55 20222022-08-29
Stars and shadowsBF575.F66 A53 20222022-08-29
The unfinished business of unsettled thingsN6538.B53 U54 20222022-08-29
Burn the pageF231.3.R64 A3 20222022-08-29
PutinDK510.766.P87 S55 20222022-08-29
DoomRA644.C67 F47 20212022-08-29
An Afro-Indigenous history of the United StatesE98.R28 M39 20212022-08-29
AI 2041Q335 .L423 20212022-08-29
AI assistantsQA76.76.E95 P48 20212022-08-29
Americans and the HolocaustD804.45.U55 A485 20222022-08-29
America's road to empireE183.7 .G553 20222022-08-29
The approaching stormE780 .L36 20212022-08-29
Arriving todayHF5761 .M56 20212022-08-29
Big data, big designTS171.4 .B524 20212022-08-29
Black artN6538.B53 P64 20212022-08-29
The Black presidentE907 .C537 20212022-08-29
Born in BlacknessDT31 .F86 20212022-08-29
Building the new economyHG1710 .P46 20212022-08-29
Capital allocatorsHD38.2 .S44 20212022-08-29
The causeE210 .E45 20212022-08-29
Churchill's shadowDA566.9.C5 W44 20212022-08-29
Climate chaosQC884.2.C5 F34 20212022-08-29
Combating inequalityHB523 .C644 20212022-08-29
The current economyHD9685.U5 O85 20212022-08-29
CybersecurityQA76.9.A25 W554 20212022-08-29
Decolonizing methodologiesGN380 .S65 20212022-08-29
Discriminating dataQA76.9.B45 C57 20212022-08-29
The divideJC423 .D6795 20212022-08-29
Eight days in MayD757 .U45 20212022-08-29
The ethics of policingHV7924 .E868 20212022-08-29
Fear of a black universeQB981 .A538 20212022-08-29
The genetic lotteryQH438.7 .H39 20212022-08-29
GerrymanderingJK1341 .M44 20212022-08-29
Good energyNA2542.3 .G724 20212022-08-29
Defeating ISISHV6433.I722 N358 20162022-08-29
Hacking ISISHV6433.I722 N36 20172022-08-29
The hard sellHD9675.O644 I5748 20222022-08-29
Home, land, securityHV6431 .P679 20212022-08-29
How to talk to a science denierQ175.5 .M3954 20212022-08-29
Hurricane lizards and plastic squidQH543 .H36 20212022-08-29
The Kaepernick effectGV706.5 .Z569 20212022-08-29
Labor in the age of financeHD8072.5 .J33 20212022-08-29
Life as we made itTP248.18 .S46 20212022-08-29
Life is simpleQ175 .M4168 20212022-08-29
Living with robotsTJ211.15 .A95 20212022-08-29
MeltdownQC880.4.C79 T35 20212022-08-29
NudgeHB74.P8 T53 20212022-08-29
One fair wageHD4918 .J38 20212022-08-29
Only the rich can playHD257.5 .W47 20212022-08-29
The other dark matterTD741 .Z45 20212022-08-29
Our biggest experimentQC981.8.G56 B43 20212022-08-29
Our first civil warE210 .B736 20212022-08-29
Out of officeHD2336.3 .W37 20212022-08-29
Pack the court!KF8742 .F45 20212022-08-29
The platform delusionHF5386 .K64 20212022-08-29
Political kinship in PakistanDS379 .L96 20192022-08-29
Power playHD9710.U54 T47495 20212022-08-29
The presidency of George W. BushE903 .G74 20212022-08-29
Public citizensJC574.2.U6 S24 20212022-08-29
The raging 2020sHD2785 .R59 20212022-08-29
RationalityBF441 .P56 20212022-08-29
Rethinking suicideHV6545.7 .B79 20222022-08-29
Seed moneyHD9482.U64 M644 20212022-08-29
ShutdownHB3722 .T655 20212022-08-29
The spirit of greenHD75.6 .N657 20212022-08-29
System errorT14.5 .R4444 20212022-08-29
There is nothing for you hereHC106.84 .H553 20212022-08-29
They knewGE180 .S638 20212022-08-29
Thicker than waterTD798 .C57 20212022-08-29
Travels with GeorgeE312 .P55 20212022-08-29
The U.S.-Mexican border todayF787 .G36 20212022-08-29
UncountableQA21 .N574 20212022-08-29
Why religion is good for American democracyJK1726 .W87 20212022-08-29
Winners and losersHF1379 .M88 20212022-08-29
Winning and losing the nuclear peaceJZ5665 .K72 20212022-08-29
Woke, Inc.HD60 .R346 20212022-08-29
Women in the pictureN7630 .M39 20212022-08-29
The world for saleHG6046.5 .B52 20212022-08-29
The good earthPN6727.B433 G66 20172022-08-29
Wake of the WahooD783.5.W3 S75 20112022-08-24
Treasure, memory, natureN7850 .C6713 20202022-08-24
The adventures of Miss Barbara PymPR6066.Y58 Z598 20212022-08-24
The hurting kindPS3612.I496 H87 20222022-08-22
Freedom to discriminateHD7288.76.U5 S54 20212022-08-22
Samuelson FriedmanHB119.A2 W25 20212022-08-22
The war on drugsHV5825 .W3812777 20222022-08-22
1984PR6029.R8 N49 20172022-08-22
All the frequent troubles of our daysDD256.4.B47 D66 20212022-08-22
The facemakerRD27.35.G555 A3 20222022-08-22
River of the godsDT117 .M55 20222022-08-22
The ninetiesE169.12 .K556 20222022-08-22
The desperate hoursRA644.C67 B74 20222022-08-22
Crown & sceptreDA28.1 .B62 20222022-08-22
Butler to the worldHV6771.G7 B85 20222022-08-22
Before the big bangQB981 .M477 20222022-08-22
Ruth Asawa:N6537.A74 A4 20222022-08-22
What the ermine sawND623.L5 A68 20222022-08-18
Women painting womenN8354 .W664 20222022-08-18
The artful DickensPR4591 .M85 20202022-08-18
The people's constitutionKF4541 .K69 20212022-08-18
Photography, a feminist historyTR183 .L493 20212022-08-18
Privacy is hard and seven other mythsQA76.9.A25 H626 20212022-08-18
RegenerationQC981.8.G56 H38 20212022-08-18
Reign of terrorHV6432 .A336 20212022-08-18
Rule of the robotsQ334.7 .F67 20212022-08-18
Sisters in the mirrorHQ1744.B4 S54 20212022-08-18
The star buildersQC791.735 .T87 20212022-08-18
The storm is upon usE893 .R68 20212022-08-18
They want to kill AmericansHN90.R3 N36 20222022-08-18
The Violence ProjectHV6536.5 .P48 20212022-08-18
Dear PapaPS3515.E37 Z48 20222022-08-12
Fight like hellHD8066 .K45 20222022-08-12
Crossing a lineDS113.6 .B57 20222022-08-12
Born knowingQL781 .V35 20212022-08-12
Broken scalesHV9950 .D53 20212022-08-12
Capitalism and the death driveHB501 .H33413 20212022-08-12
Cogs and monstersHF5548.32 .C69 20212022-08-12
Coral reefsQH541.5.C7 S442 20212022-08-12
Democracy rulesJC423 .M78558 20212022-08-12
ElectrifyTD195.E4 G735 20212022-08-12
EmotionalBF511 .M59 20222022-08-12
The failed promiseE668 .L683 20212022-08-12
Fallen idolsNX180.S6 V576 20212022-08-12
From data to quantaQC16.B63 P39 20212022-08-12
How did it happen?DS135.L5 D53 20222022-08-12
In AI we trustQ335 .N685 20212022-08-12
Liberty is sweetE209 .H655 20212022-08-12
The myth of closureBF575.D35 B676 20222022-08-12
A new history of modern computingQA76.17 .H34 20212022-08-12
OvertimeHD5109 .S773 20212022-08-12
Immune system disorders sourcebookRC582 .I4626 20202022-08-12
The NetanyahusPS3553.O42434 N48 20212022-08-12
The galaxy, and the ground withinPS3603.H347 G35 20212022-08-04
HotbedHQ1906.N5 S39 20222022-08-01
The English Civil WarDA415 .G38 20142022-07-19
Happy-go-luckyPS3569.E314 H37 20222022-07-11
A master of djinnPS3603.L36843 M37 20212022-06-27
Atomic habitsBF335 .C525 20182022-05-16
BoothPS3556.O844 B66 20222022-04-05
The tyranny of meritHN90.P57 S36 20202022-03-25
Invisible childHV4506.N6 E45 20212022-03-25
America's reluctant princeE843.K42 G55 20192022-02-16
Poisoning the PacificTD195.W29 M58 20202021-11-30
Maladies of empireRA649 .D68 20212021-11-10
ForwardE901.1.Y36 A3 20212021-11-03
BlackoutE185.615 .O95 20202021-02-23
White tears brown scarsHT1523 .H36 20202021-02-08
Teaching about race and racism in the college classroomLB2331 .K42 20192020-01-24
Language, form(s) of life, and logicB3376.W564 L337 20182019-05-13
The neuroscience of empathy, compassion, and self-compassionRC343 .N48 20182019-04-25
Altered traitsBL627 .G644 20182019-04-12
MeditationRC489 .M43 20192019-04-10
Full catastrophe livingRA785 .K33 20132019-02-22
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understandingB3376 .W57 20172018-09-05
Title Author Date Added
Age of viceKapoor, Deepti,2022-12-20
What the fireflies knewHarris, Kai,2022-12-20
A history of fearDumas, Luke,2022-12-20
Emily Wilde's encyclopaedia of faeriesFawcett, Heather2022-12-19
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrowZevin, Gabrielle,2022-12-16
None of this would have happened if Prince were alivePrusa, Carolyn,2022-12-16
Demon CopperheadKingsolver, Barbara,2022-12-16
Judas 62Cumming, Charles,2022-12-16
How high we go in the darkNagamatsu, Sequoia,2022-12-16
The cartographersShepherd, Peng,2022-12-16
Nobody's magicBirdsong, Destiny O.,2022-12-16
City of fortuneThompson, Victoria2022-12-05
The QTintera, Amy,2022-12-05
Heart of the sun warriorTan, Sue Lynn,2022-12-05
A world of curiositiesPenny, Louise,2022-12-05
I'm glad my mom diedMcCurdy, Jennette,2022-11-29
No strangers hereO'Connor, Carlene,2022-11-16
The last partyMackintosh, Clare,2022-11-16
House of sky and breathMaas, Sarah J.,2022-11-16
The CloistersHays, Katy,2022-11-16
The lies we tellZhao, Katie,2022-11-16
We all want impossible thingsNewman, Catherine,2022-11-16
The world we makeJemisin, N. K.,2022-11-16
Ocean's echoMaxwell, Everina,2022-11-16
ToadDunn, Katherine,2022-11-16
The 9:09 projectParsons, Mark H.,2022-11-16
Now is not the time to panicWilson, Kevin,2022-11-16
White horseWurth, Erika T.,2022-11-16
Brown girlsAndreades, Daphne Palasi,2022-11-15
When we were sistersAsghar, Fatimah,2022-11-15
The school for good mothersChan, Jessamine,2022-11-15
The sign for homeFell, Blair,2022-11-15
Portrait of a thiefLi, Grace D.,2022-11-15
The boy with a bird in his chestLund, Emme,2022-11-15
Shadows of Pecan HollowFrost, Caroline,2022-11-15
Big girlSullivan, Mecca Jamilah,2022-11-15
A map for the missingTang, Belinda Huijuan,2022-11-15
Secluded cabin sleeps sixUnger, Lisa,2022-11-15
WaywardWendig, Chuck,2022-11-15
Our missing heartsNg, Celeste,2022-11-15
BriarheartLackey, Mercedes,2022-11-15
Mad honeyPicoult, Jodi,2022-11-15
The changeMiller, Kirsten,2022-05-10
Book of nightBlack, Holly,2022-05-02
When night breaksAngeles, Janella,2022-04-12
Skin of the seaBowen, Natasha,2022-04-12
I am Margaret MooreCapin, Hannah,2022-04-12
State of terrorClinton, Hillary Rodham,2022-04-12
Go tell the bees that I am goneGabaldon, Diana,2022-04-12
The reckless kindHeath, Carly,2022-04-12
The book of magicHoffman, Alice,2022-04-12
Stan Lee's the devil's quintetLee, Stan,2022-04-12
ExtasiaLegrand, Claire,2022-04-12
Kingdom of the cursedManiscalco, Kerri,2022-04-12
1979McDermid, Val,2022-04-12
You'll be the death of meMcManus, Karen M.,2022-04-12
Little thievesOwen, Margaret,2022-04-12
The rotPettersen, Siri,2022-04-12
Abandoned in deathRobb, J. D.,2022-04-12
Dreams lie beneathRoss, Rebecca2022-04-12
League of liarsScholte, Astrid,2022-04-12
Tonight we rule the worldSmedley, Zack,2022-04-12
All my rageTahir, Sabaa,2022-04-12
Spin the dawnLim, Elizabeth,2021-10-04
We are inevitableForman, Gayle,2021-10-04
The book of accidentsWendig, Chuck,2021-09-14
Off the recordGarrett, Camryn,2021-09-14
The gilded onesForna, Namina,2021-09-14
From Little Tokyo, with loveKuhn, Sarah2021-09-14
This light between usFukuda, Andrew Xia,2021-07-22
The Mary Shelley ClubMoldavsky, Goldy,2021-06-11
Chain of ironClare, Cassandra,2021-05-25
Klara and the sunIshiguro, Kazuo,2021-05-25
What beauty there isAnderson, Cory L.,2021-05-19
The house of alwaysLyons, Jenn,2021-05-19
The sanatoriumPearse, Sarah,2021-05-03
Somewhere between bitter and sweetKemp, Laekan Zea,2021-05-03
ForegoneBanks, Russell,2021-05-03
Peace talksButcher, Jim,2021-05-03
The Raven towerLeckie, Ann,2019-03-06
Title Call Number Date Added
La grande illusionPN1995.9.F67 F74548 19992022-12-19
Le cercle rouge =PN1997 .C38 20032022-12-12
Mr. KleinPN1997 .M789 20222022-12-12