Title Call Number Date Added
Russia and Central AsiaDK857.75.R8 K45 20202022-05-17
Armageddon avertedDK274 .K635 20082022-05-17
The global rise of the modern plug-in electric vehicleHD9710.A2 G73 20212022-05-17
Information nowZA3075 .U67 20212022-05-17
The quiet beforeHM883 .B43 20222022-05-17
The character of American democracyJK468.E7 L66 20202022-05-17
Corona, climate, chronic emergencyRA644.C67 M35 20202022-05-17
Tiny youHQ767.5.U5 H65 20202022-05-16
What strange paradisePS3605.L12 W43 20212022-05-16
Lessons from the edgeE901.1.Y68 A3 20222022-05-16
The age of the strongmanJC480 .R34 20222022-05-16
The language of journalismPN4771 .S55 20202022-05-16
MatisseNC980.5.M35 L35 20202022-05-16
The Picassos are here!N6853.P5 A4 2013d2022-05-16
Digital fiction and the unnaturalPN3448.H96 E57 20212022-05-16
CEO excellenceHD38.2 .D49 20222022-05-16
Atomic habitsBF335 .C525 20182022-05-16
Against all oddsD769.31 30th .K37 20222022-05-16
Iris Murdoch and the search for human goodnessPR6063.U7 Z714 19962022-05-16
Who by fireML410.C734 F75 20222022-05-16
Campus diversityLC212.42 .C37 20202022-05-16
Beyond the politics of the closetHQ76.8.U5 B47 20202022-05-16
Conflict areas in the BalkansDR48.6 .C65 20202022-05-16
Five novelsPS3558.A444 A6 20212022-04-25
The sea trilogyQH541.5.S3 C335 20212022-04-25
World War II memoirsD767.9 .W78 20212022-04-25
Black reconstructionE668 .D83 20212022-04-25
Our hearts are as one fireE99.C6 F66 20202022-04-19
The politics of United States foreign policyJZ1480 .R67 20212022-04-19
Principles for dealing with the changing world orderHD78 .D35 20212022-04-19
The Putin paradoxDK510.763 .S35 20202022-04-19
The riches of this landHT690.U6 T36 20202022-04-19
The Russian dilemmaDK66 .H34 20212022-04-19
Self evident truthsTR681.S44 W7544 20202022-04-19
When getting along is not enoughHM1211 .W36 20202022-04-19
Slut-shaming, whorephobia, and the unfinished sexual revolutionHQ29 .R33 20212022-04-19
The stars in our pocketsHM846 .A94 20202022-04-19
Surrounded by idiotsHM1166 .E7413 20192022-04-19
The United States, Russia and nuclear peaceJZ5675 .C55 20202022-04-19
We are familyHQ519 .G66 20202022-04-19
The wealth hoardersHV6341 .C65 20212022-04-19
What we don't talk about when we talk about #MeTooHQ18.U5 W97 20202022-04-19
What's up with White women?HT1521 .G68 20212022-04-19
The internet is not what you think it isTK5105.875.I57 S635 20222022-04-19
The war that made the Roman EmpireDG268 .S77 20222022-04-19
Blood and ruinsD743 .O937 20222022-04-19
Looking for the good warD744.7.U6 S26 20212022-04-19
Rahel VarnhagenPT2546.V22 A913 20222022-04-19
The greatest inventionP211 .F42713 20222022-04-19
When women killHV6535.C63 T74 20222022-04-19
White liesE185.97.W6 B35 20222022-04-19
Breaking ranksLB2331.63 .D58 20222022-04-19
The worth of waterHD1702 .W48 20222022-04-19
I never thought of it that wayBF637.C45 G87 20222022-04-19
Burning questionsPR9199.3.A8 B87 20222022-04-19
Elena knowsPQ7798.426.I56 E4413 20212022-04-19
HeavenPL872.5.A89 H4813 20212022-04-19
A new namePT8951.16.O73 N4913 20212022-04-19
Fraught decisions in Plato and ShakespearePR3069.C45 R68 20212022-04-19
The Ukraine crisis and EU foreign policy rolesDK508.852 .C43 20212022-04-19
Principled pragmatism in practiceD2025.5.R8 P75 20212022-04-19
Risky teachingLB2331 .R63 20222022-04-19
The power of the dogPS3569.A83 P69 20212022-04-19
The new fireQ335 .B795 20222022-04-19
Divided by the wordDT1754 .A76 20222022-04-19
Dream in a suitcaseDR267.5.R34 D74 20222022-04-19
Angry weatherQC903 .O87 20202022-04-19
BanksyND497.B254 D54 20212022-04-19
The black banners declassifiedHV6432.5.Q2 S682 20202022-04-19
Empire of mudF197 .D53 20142022-04-19
Empire of silver:HG1286 .X82 20212022-04-19
Controlling womenHQ767.5.U5 K65 20212022-04-19
The digital environmentHM851 .B6727 20212022-04-19
Don't burn this bookJC585 .R823 20202022-04-19
The dying citizenJK1759 .H228 20212022-04-19
Gender threatHQ1090.3 .C385 20212022-04-19
Gender(s)HQ1075 .S755 20212022-04-19
How are we going to explain this?QC903 .M65813 20202022-04-19
Imogen CunninghamTR647 .C86 20202022-04-19
It's the government, stupidJF1525.P6 D69 20202022-04-19
Just get on the pillHQ766.5.U6 L48 20212022-04-19
The making of EurasiaHF1604.Z4 R874 20222022-04-19
Nam June PaikN7369.P35 A4 20192022-04-19
The new sex warsHQ1237 .C675 20212022-04-19
Nuclear follyE841 .P55 20212022-04-19
OK boomer, let's talkHQ799.7 .F54 20202022-04-19
On diversityHM1271 .J34 20202022-04-19
The price of healthHD9666.5 .K56 20212022-04-14
The age of AIQ335 .K577 20212022-04-14
BiHQ74 .S28 20212022-04-14
The revolution according to Raymundo MataPR9550.9.A66 R48 20212022-04-13
Soviet judgment at NurembergKZ1176.5 .H57 20202022-04-13
Russia upside downE183.8.R9 W429 20212022-04-11
Putin confronts the WestDK510.764 .D44 20212022-04-05
Rus, Ukraine, RussiaDK32 .P8813 20212022-04-05
Russia, NATO, and Black Sea securityJN98 .F53 20202022-04-05
Three dangerous menE895 .J66 20212022-04-05
Contemporary fiction in FrenchPQ681 .C66 20212022-04-05
Superhero culture warsPN6714 .F545 20212022-04-05
Operation PaperclipD810.S2 J33 20142022-04-05
BoothPS3556.O844 B66 20222022-04-05
The books of JacobPG7179.O37 K7513 20222022-04-05
Lucky breaksPG3491.44.L58435 S54 20222022-04-05
The age of PhillisPS3560.E365 A74 20202022-04-05
The short storyPN3373 .K34 20212022-04-05
BlasphemyBL65.B54 S54 20212022-04-05
Everyday belonging in the post-Soviet borderlandsHM1033 .J37 20212022-04-05
200 years of American financial panicsHB3743 .V37 20212022-04-05
Disrupting dignityHQ76.25 .E54 20212022-04-05
The ecology of childhoodHQ789 .W66 20202022-04-05
From the folks who brought you the weekendHD8066 .M86 20182022-04-05
Garbage in popular cultureHC79.C6 I63 20202022-04-05
The legacy of racism for childrenHQ799.2.R33 L44 20202022-04-05
Taxation in utopiaHJ2305 .M67 20202022-04-05
They didn't see us comingHQ1421 .L48 20202022-03-25
The turnaway studyHQ767.5.U5 F67 20202022-03-25
The tyranny of meritHN90.P57 S36 20202022-03-25
UnboundHV6592 .B87 20212022-03-25
Unending capitalismHC430.C6 G473 20202022-03-25
Unions renewedHD6476 .M266 20202022-03-25
WatergateE860 .G734 20222022-03-25
Where is my office?HF5547 .K36 20202022-03-25
White space, black hoodHN90.C6 C383 20212022-03-25
The arsonists' cityPS3601.L92 A89 20212022-03-25
The final revival of Opal & NevPS3623.A4544 F56 20212022-03-25
What storm, what thunderPR9260.9.C43 W48 20212022-03-25
Ways and meansHC105.6 .L69 20222022-03-25
American madeHD5708.55.U62 I5377 20212022-03-25
The broken constitutionE457 .F45 20212022-03-25
Comics and the origins of mangaPN6790.J3 E96 20222022-03-25
El infinito naufragioPQ7298.26.A25 A6 20192022-03-25
Festival daysPS3602.E2487 A6 20212022-03-25
First principlesJA84.U5 R487 20202022-03-25
In search of mycotopiaQK603 .B453 20212022-03-25
Justice on the brinkKF8742 .G743 20212022-03-25
The last onePQ2704.A22 P4813 20212022-03-25
Panthers, Hulks and IronheartsPN6714 .B76 20212022-03-25
Patricia HighsmithPS3558.I366 Z46 20212022-03-25
Winter recipes from the collectivePS3557.L8 W56 20212022-03-25
You are not AmericanKF4700 .F76 20212022-03-25
The devil's historiansHN49.R33 K38 20202022-03-25
A short history of the Ottoman empireDR486 .W67 20212022-03-25
The Abbasid CaliphateDS38.6 .E45 20212022-03-25
America in the worldE183.7 .Z64 20202022-03-25
Andrea DworkinHQ1413.D89 A3 20202022-03-25
Arguing with zombiesHC106.84 .K78 20202022-03-25
Beautiful economicsHB171 .C7625 20212022-03-25
BelievingHQ1237.5.U6 H55 20212022-03-25
Big vapeHD9130.5 .D83 20212022-03-25
The business of raceHF5549.5.R23 G74 20222022-03-25
Capitalism and the seaHC92 .C266 20212022-03-25
The crucible of FrancoismDP269 .C737 20212022-03-25
Citadels of prideHQ1237 .N87 20212022-03-25
The Corona crashRA644.C67 B53 20202022-03-25
Dirty workHM821 .P668 20212022-03-25
EcocideHD2731 .W49 20202022-03-25
The economic case for LGBT equalityHQ76.4 .B33 20202022-03-25
Entrepreneurs and capitalism since LutherHB501 .L49 20202022-03-25
Female husbandsHQ77.9 .M26 20202022-03-25
The future of differenceHQ1155 .H37413 20202022-03-25
Gen Z, explainedHQ799.5 .K37 20212022-03-25
Gender theory in troubled timesHQ18.55 .L46 20202022-03-25
How democracies dieJC423 .L4855 20192022-03-25
Invisible childHV4506.N6 E45 20212022-03-25
MediocreHQ1090.3 .O58 20202022-03-25
The new chardonnayHD9019.M382 U6295 20202022-03-25
The new corporationHD2731 .B235 20202022-03-25
Non-binary gendersHQ77.95.G7 V56 20202022-03-25
Obstacle courseHQ767.U6 C65 20202022-03-25
On the jobHD8072.5 .M65 20212022-03-25
One billion AmericansHB3505 .Y45 20202022-03-25
The queer advantageHQ73 .G45 20202022-03-25
Race to the bottomHM1096 .S738 20202022-03-25
The right to sexHQ65 .S75 20212022-03-25
The sack of DetroitHD9710.U52 G388 20212022-03-25
StigmaHM1131 .T95 20202022-03-25
Super foundersHD62.5 .T3554 20212022-03-25
The Lincoln highwayPS3620.O945 L56 20212022-03-11
A history of the BibleBS445 .B328 20192022-03-11
A wonder book for girls & boysBL782 .H38 19962022-03-11
Vicarious warfareUA23 .W35 20212022-03-08
The war for kindnessBF575.E55 Z35 20202022-03-08
Wives not slavesKF510 .S96 20212022-03-08
Sheer miseryD810.H4 R63 20212022-03-08
Fundamentals of wastewater-based epidemiologyTD736 .S64 20212022-03-07
Collected novelsPS3545.I5286 A6 20212022-03-07
The betrayal of Anne FrankDS135.N6 F73595 20222022-03-07
Monsters, gender and sexuality in medieval English literaturePR275.M615 O86 20102022-03-07
New RomeDF553 .S74 20222022-03-03
Drought, flood, fireQC981.8.C53 F86 20212022-03-03
Homegrown hateHV6432 .K344 20212022-03-03
Testing of the plastic deformation of metalsTA460 .C59 20212022-03-03
Oh William!PS3569.T736 O38 20212022-03-03
Rethinking Atlantic empireF1410 .R3956 20212022-03-03
Home in the worldHB126.I43 S487 20222022-03-03
YonderPS3601.S59 Y66 20222022-03-03
Francesca WoodmanTR647 .W647 20222022-03-03
InsurgencyJK2356 .P38 20222022-03-03
Restraint + desireTR655 .G736 20212022-03-03
The deerslayer, or, The first war-pathPS1406.A1 19902022-03-03
The last of the MohicansPS1408 .A1 19862022-03-03
Plague, pestilence and pandemicRA649 .P58 20212022-03-03
Green chemistry in government and industryTP155.2.E58 G74 20202022-03-01
Kim Jong-un's strategy for survivalDS935.77782.K56 S55 20212022-03-01
An introduction to medical decision-makingRC48 .V67 20192022-03-01
The visceral logics of decolonizationPK5416 .K43 20202022-02-28
Teaching literature in times of crisisPN867 .A35 20212022-02-28
Africa in the contemporary Spanish novel, 1990-2010PQ6140.A37 E55 20212022-02-28
Teaching Black history to white peopleE184.7 .M65 20212022-02-28
Bog bodiesGN803 .G55 20202022-02-18
America's reluctant princeE843.K42 G55 20192022-02-16
Checkpoint CharlieDD881 .M23 20192022-01-05
Mother of inventionT36 .M37 20212021-11-30
Chasing me to my graveND237.R35 A2 20212021-11-30
CubaF1776 .F397 20212021-11-30
Poisoning the PacificTD195.W29 M58 20202021-11-30
Maladies of empireRA649 .D68 20212021-11-10
ForwardE901.1.Y36 A3 20212021-11-03
Zero failHV8144.S43 L46 20212021-11-03
Covered with nightHV6524 .E78 20212021-10-04
Cloud cuckoo landPS3604.O34 C56 20212021-10-04
BlackoutE185.615 .O95 20202021-02-23
Think againBF441 .G693 20212021-02-15
White tears brown scarsHT1523 .H36 20202021-02-08
Teaching about race and racism in the college classroomLB2331 .K42 20192020-01-24
Language, form(s) of life, and logicB3376.W564 L337 20182019-05-13
The neuroscience of empathy, compassion, and self-compassionRC343 .N48 20182019-04-25
Altered traitsBL627 .G644 20182019-04-12
MeditationRC489 .M43 20192019-04-10
Full catastrophe livingRA785 .K33 20132019-02-22
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understandingB3376 .W57 20172018-09-05
Title Author Date Added
The changeMiller, Kirsten,2022-05-10
TunnelsModan, Rutu,2022-05-02
Book of nightBlack, Holly,2022-05-02
When night breaksAngeles, Janella,2022-04-12
Skin of the seaBowen, Natasha,2022-04-12
I am Margaret MooreCapin, Hannah,2022-04-12
State of terrorClinton, Hillary Rodham,2022-04-12
Go tell the bees that I am goneGabaldon, Diana,2022-04-12
The reckless kindHeath, Carly,2022-04-12
The book of magicHoffman, Alice,2022-04-12
Stan Lee's the devil's quintetLee, Stan,2022-04-12
ExtasiaLegrand, Claire,2022-04-12
Kingdom of the cursedManiscalco, Kerri,2022-04-12
1979McDermid, Val,2022-04-12
You'll be the death of meMcManus, Karen M.,2022-04-12
Little thievesOwen, Margaret,2022-04-12
The rotPettersen, Siri,2022-04-12
Abandoned in deathRobb, J. D.,2022-04-12
Dreams lie beneathRoss, Rebecca2022-04-12
League of liarsScholte, Astrid,2022-04-12
Tonight we rule the worldSmedley, Zack,2022-04-12
All my rageTahir, Sabaa,2022-04-12
Spin the dawnLim, Elizabeth,2021-10-04
We are inevitableForman, Gayle,2021-10-04
The book of accidentsWendig, Chuck,2021-09-14
Off the recordGarrett, Camryn,2021-09-14
The passing playbookFitzsimons, Isaac,2021-09-14
The gilded onesForna, Namina,2021-09-14
From Little Tokyo, with loveKuhn, Sarah2021-09-14
This light between usFukuda, Andrew Xia,2021-07-22
The Mary Shelley ClubMoldavsky, Goldy,2021-06-11
Chain of ironClare, Cassandra,2021-05-25
Klara and the sunIshiguro, Kazuo,2021-05-25
Zara Hossain is hereKhan, Sabina,2021-05-19
What beauty there isAnderson, Cory L.,2021-05-19
The house of alwaysLyons, Jenn,2021-05-19
My body in piecesHébert, Marie-Noëlle,2021-05-18
How beautiful we wereMbue, Imbolo,2021-05-03
Infinite countryEngel, Patricia,2021-05-03
Love in colorBabalola, Bolu,2021-05-03
Between the bliss and meMason, Lizzy,2021-05-03
To sleep in a sea of starsPaolini, Christopher,2021-05-03
The midnight libraryHaig, Matt,2021-05-03
The removedHobson, Brandon,2021-05-03
Infinity reaperSilvera, Adam,2021-05-03
The committedNguyen, Viet Thanh,2021-05-03
The sanatoriumPearse, Sarah,2021-05-03
Somewhere between bitter and sweetKemp, Laekan Zea,2021-05-03
ForegoneBanks, Russell,2021-05-03
Peace talksButcher, Jim,2021-05-03
HamnetO'Farrell, Maggie,2021-01-12
Anxious peopleBackman, Fredrik,2021-01-04
The sun collectiveBaxter, Charles,2021-01-04
Conjure womenAtakora, Afia,2020-10-30
The evening and the morningFollett, Ken,2020-10-30
These ghosts are familyCard, Maisy,2020-10-30
The wonder boy of Whistle StopFlagg, Fannie,2020-10-30
Black Bottom saintsRandall, Alice,2020-10-30
ApeirogonMcCann, Colum,2020-10-30
Sharks in the time of saviorsWashburn, Kawai Strong,2020-10-30
The sisters GrimmPraag, Menna van,2020-10-30
Squeeze meHiaasen, Carl,2020-10-30
The ventriloquistsRamzipoor, E. R.,2019-10-22
VarinaFrazier, Charles,2019-09-06
The doll factoryMacneal, Elizabeth,2019-09-06
The turn of the keyWare, Ruth,2019-08-02
One good deedBaldacci, David,2019-07-22
The flight portfolioOrringer, Julie,2019-07-08
Women talkingToews, Miriam,2019-07-08
Suspicious mindsBond, Gwenda,2019-04-22
The Raven towerLeckie, Ann,2019-03-06
WarlightOndaatje, Michael,2018-09-18
Title Call Number Date Added
MisericordiaPN1997 .M554 20052022-03-22
The dawn patrolPN1997 .D383 20072022-03-22
La soupe aux chouxPN1997 .S634 20092022-02-08
Entre les Bras =TX907.5.F72 L353 20132022-02-07
Mostly MarthaPN1995.9.C55 M683 20032022-01-25
Cuisine et dépendancesPN1997.2 .C8575 20142022-01-19
VatelPN1997.A23 V384 20012022-01-06