Title Call Number Date Added
Beckett's political imaginationPR6003.E282 Z78163 20172018-08-13
The billionaire RajHC440.I5 C73 20182018-08-13
DopesickRC568.O45 M33 20182018-08-13
The trials of Nina McCallHQ1236.5.U6 S734 20182018-08-13
The GothsD137 .M33 20172018-08-13
Trump's first yearE912 .N45 20182018-08-13
Vietnam's American warDS557.7 .A86 20182018-08-13
Is entrepreneurship dead?HB615 .S53 20182018-08-13
Incidents at seaVA58.4 .W55 20172018-08-09
HeydayDA550 .W55 20162018-08-09
Man of destinyE807 .H323 20152018-08-09
Frederick the GreatDD404 .B63 20162018-08-09
The Ottoman endgameDS63.04 .M38 20152018-08-09
Song kingML3746.6 .G53 20182018-08-09
The new testamentPS3602.R699 A6 20142018-08-07
Asian watersKZA1692 .H39 20182018-08-06
The brinkUA646 .A637 20182018-08-06
Complete fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.PS3523.O833 A6 20162018-08-06
The ethics of war and peace revisitedU22 .E854 20182018-08-06
Exploding dataKF1263.C65 C44 20182018-08-06
Fortifications and siegecraftUG401 .B565 20182018-08-06
Guide to the geology & natural history of the Blue Ridge MountainsQE174.B58 S64 20172018-08-06
Lincoln & ChurchillE457.2 .L443 20182018-08-06
The lost indictment of Robert E. LeeE467.1.L4 R44 20182018-08-06
The MartianPS3623.E4324494 M37 20142018-08-06
Our GermansD810.S2 C784 20182018-08-06
PleasePS3602.R699 P54 20082018-08-06
Snow crashPS3569.T3868 S65 20172018-08-06
Stars & planetsQB46 .R54 20172018-08-06
They knew LincolnE457.15 .W32 20182018-08-06
Why To kill a mockingbird mattersPS3562.E353 T657 20182018-08-06
Americans at warE181 .A4525 2018 v.12018-08-06
Americans at warE181 .A4525 2018 v.22018-08-06
Americans at warE181 .A4525 2018 v.32018-08-06
How to rig an electionJF1083 .C54 20182018-08-06
Freedom narratives of African American womenPS153.N5 L457 20172018-08-06
The monarchy of fearJK1726 .N36 20182018-08-06
Mao's war against natureGE190.C6 S48 20012018-08-03
On violenceHM886 .A74 20142018-08-03
Reading imagesNK1510 .K64 20062018-08-03
The code of PutinismDK510.766.P87 T39 20182018-08-03
Malcolm XBP223.Z8 L57636 20122018-08-03
The restless waveE840.8.M467 A3 20182018-08-03
The rise and fall of the dinosaursQE861.4 .B79 20182018-08-03
The world as it isE907 .R48 20182018-08-03
Yes we (still) canE907 .P44 20182018-08-03
A perfect messLA226 .L32 20172018-08-01
In praise of bloodDT450.435 .R48 20182018-08-01
Paris under waterDC761 .J33 20112018-07-30
The pale horsemanPR6053.O75 P35 20152018-07-30
Plain tales from the hillsPR4854 .P6 20012018-07-30
The complete Stalky & Co.PR4854 .S68 20092018-07-30
The flame bearerPR6053.O75 F53 20172018-07-27
Ants among elephantsDS422.C3 G54 20172018-07-27
How to thinkBF441 .J275 20172018-07-27
MultimodalityP99 .K684 20102018-07-27
Word of mouthPS310.G67 B46 20182018-07-27
No time like the presentPR9369.3.G6 N58 20132018-07-27
The economics of armsHD9743.A2 H38 20172018-07-25
Strange attractorsPS595.M36 S73 20082018-07-25
Sword songPR6053.O75 S96 20162018-07-23
Post-truthHM1231 .B355 20172018-07-23
A short history of European lawKJ147 .H47 20182018-07-23
A nation like all othersE183.7 .C625 20182018-07-23
The house of IslamBP161.3 .H858 20182018-07-20
My own wordsKF373.G565 G56 20162018-07-20
The burning landPR6053.O75 B87 20162018-07-19
A history of modern UgandaDT433.257 .R45 20172018-07-18
The empty thronePR6053.O75 E47 20142018-07-17
Death of kingsPR6053.O75 D43 20122018-07-17
French écocritiquePQ317.E26 P67 20172018-07-17
"Our Little Monitor"E595.M7 H65 20182018-07-16
Asperger's childrenRJ506.A9 S5257 20182018-07-16
Atlas of the 2016 electionsG1201.F9 A8 20182018-07-16
A brotherhood of spiesJK468.I6 R45 20182018-07-16
The defiantHN59.2 .B36 20182018-07-16
Empowering leadership of tomorrowHM1261 .P73 20182018-07-16
Encyclopedia of political assassinationsHV6278 .W47 20172018-07-16
The future of warU21.2 .F74 20172018-07-16
One long nightHV8963 .P58 20172018-07-16
Planet huntersQB54 .E55313 20172018-07-16
The polarizersJK2265 .R67 20182018-07-16
Recounting the anthrax attacksHV6433.35 .D43 20182018-07-16
The science of sleepQP425 .M46 20172018-07-16
Spy watchingJK468.I6 J665 20182018-07-16
The war and environment readerTD195.W29 W37 20172018-07-16
Welcome to the universeQB982 .T974 20162018-07-16
Welcome to the universeQB981 .T975 20172018-07-16
The prison letters of Nelson MandelaDT1974 .M3465 20182018-07-16
Journal of a homecoming =PQ3949.C44 C3413 20172018-07-16
Personal voicesHQ1767 .H65 19882018-07-16
The pagan lordPR6053.O75 P34 20152018-07-16
Warriors of the stormPR6053.O75 W37 20162018-07-16
The last kingdomPR6053.O75 L37 20162018-07-16
Lords of the NorthPR6053.O75 L67 20172018-07-16
Bombing the Marshall IslandsDU710 .P39 20172018-07-16
On the oceanCB465 .C86 20172018-07-16
Touching the dragonDS371.413 .H38 20182018-07-12
Ursula K. Le GuinPS3562.E42 Z46 20182018-07-12
The world goes onPH3281.K8866 A2 20172018-07-12
World War II at seaD770 .S87 20182018-07-12
The Russian General Staff and Asia, 1800-1917UA772 .M387 20062018-07-12
America and the Great WarD570 .W34 20172018-07-12
Wild by natureQL83.4 .S63 20172018-07-12
Blind spotTR790 .C65 20172018-07-12
The art of confessionNX650.C683 G76 20172018-07-12
Brotherhood in combatE185.63 .M38 20182018-07-12
Chasing new horizonsTL799.P59 S74 20182018-07-12
CheatingK247.6 .R46 20182018-07-12
The class of '74JK1059 94th .L39 20182018-07-12
CoercionJZ6360 .C64 20182018-07-12
Final solutionD804.3 .C434 20162018-07-12
Life in the age of drone warfareUG1242.D7 L54 20172018-07-12
Like a fading shadowPQ6663.U4795 C6613 20172018-07-12
On the road of the windsGN871 .K573 20172018-07-12
The performance cortexRC1236.N47 S36 20182018-07-12
President CarterE872 .E39 20182018-07-12
Still watersGB1603.2 .S7 20182018-07-12
HomelandPS3569.A462345 H66 20042018-07-10
Waging warKF5060 .B37 20162018-07-10
Fighting with alliesE183.8.G7 R46 20162018-07-10
TurncoatE278.A7 B78 20182018-07-10
Benjamin FranklinE302.6.F8 K53 20172018-07-10
Civil War memoriesE468.9 .C559 20172018-07-10
The voice of the pastD16.14 .T48 20172018-07-10
The Oxford handbook of American economic historyHC103 .O98 2018 v.22018-07-09
A fragile lifeBF698.35.V85 M39 20172018-07-09
The Oxford handbook of American economic historyHC103 .O98 2018 v.12018-07-09
The cuneiform uranology textsQB19 .B43 20182018-07-06
Cattle kingdomF596 .K628 20172018-07-06
The afterlife of al-AndalusPQ6042.A4 C58 20172018-07-05
The Allies strike back, 1941-1943D743 .H645 20172018-07-05
Atticus FinchPS3562.E353 Z58 20182018-07-05
The end of Iberian rule on the American continent, 1770-1830F1412 .H36 20172018-07-05
EnergyTJ163.2 .R498 20182018-07-05
The flight 981 disasterTL553.53.F8 C45 20172018-07-05
Hidden armies of the Second World WarD802.E9 Z36 20172018-07-05
Jamestown, the truth revealedF234.J3 K47 20172018-07-05
The Koran in EnglishBP131.15.E54 L39 20172018-07-05
The perfectionistsTA19 .W56 20182018-07-05
RFKE840.8.K4 K47 20182018-07-05
The rhetoric of Mao ZedongDS778.M3 L833 20172018-07-05
Why honor mattersBJ1533.H8 S63 20182018-07-05
The strengths approachHV45 .M333 20172018-07-05
The soul of AmericaE169.1 .M4977 20182018-06-28
Empire of gunsHD9744.F553 G747 20182018-06-28
Messing with the enemyU163 .W385 20182018-06-28
Narratology and ideologyPN3331 .N28 20182018-06-28
The perfect weaponHV6773.15.C97 S36 20182018-06-28
There is no good card for thisBF637.S4 C769 20172018-06-28
Good peopleHD57.7 .T553 20172018-06-28
Girls and women in STEMQ130 .G575 20142018-06-26
Handbook of narrative inquiryH61.295 .H36 20072018-06-26
The search for method in STEAM educationLB1060 .M3367 20172018-06-26
In the ruins of empireDS518.1 .S64 20072018-06-25
Korea rebornDS902.12 .K67 20182018-06-25
The rise of the African novelPL8010.6 .M85 20182018-06-19
In full glory reflectedE355.1.C485 E825 20122018-06-18
Narrative inquiryH61.295 .D35 20142018-06-18
One foot in the finitePS2388.R37 E94 20182018-06-18
Field guide to polarizationQC441 .C63 20052018-06-15
Becoming Madam ChancellorDD290.33.M47 M87 20172018-06-15
The Marshall PlanHC240 .B57 20172018-06-15
The complacent classHN90 .S65 C69 20182018-06-15
Frankenstein, or, The modern PrometheusPN6727.G75 F73 20132018-06-15
Mr. LearPR4879.L2 Z94 20182018-06-15
Municipal dreamsHD7288.78.G7 B68 20182018-06-15
ChaucerPR1874 .C438 20162018-06-13
The legacy of Belleau WoodD 214.511:M 332018-06-13
Bad bloodHD9995.H423 U627 20182018-06-08
The existentialist's survival guideB819 .M28 20182018-06-08
This dayPS3552.E75 T49 20132018-06-08
IranDS272 .A54 20172018-06-08
What you did not tellDA3.M68 A3 20182018-06-08
Programmed inequalityHD6135 .H53 20182018-06-08
Machine-learning techniques in economicsHD82 .B37 20172018-06-07
September mournBX7831.A68 S36 20182018-06-07
The roots and consequences of independence warsJC328.3 .T83 20182018-06-05
The lost Mandate of HeavenDS556.93.N5 S53 20152018-06-04
The Queen's American RangersE277.6.Q6 G37 20152018-06-04
White savageE195.J63 O87 20052018-06-04
Battle for empireDA67 .P63 20022018-06-04
Modern Asian theatre and performance 1900-2000PN2860 .W48 20142018-06-04
The efficiency paradoxT58.8 .T45 20182018-06-04
Guns, culture and MoorsDP269.47.M67 A53 20182018-06-04
Welcome to LagosPR9387.9.O53548 W45 20182018-06-04
Behold, AmericaHN57 .C538 20182018-06-04
Ten arguments for deleting all your social media accounts right nowHM851 .L3579 20182018-06-04
Melville among the philosophersPS2387 .M375 20172018-06-04
Empires collideE199 .E58 20062018-06-01
The fatal landUA664 .D98 20152018-06-01
The Gulf:F296 .D38 20182018-05-30
I love capitalism!HC102.5.L36 L36 20182018-05-30
80/20 runningRC1235 .F58 20142018-05-30
Don't save anythingPS3569.A4622 A6 20172018-05-30
Folklore, memoirs, and other writingsGR55.H86 A3 19952018-05-30
Greater GothamF128.5 .W227 20172018-05-30
Novels and storiesPS3515.U789 A6 19952018-05-30
On war and writingPN56.W3 H96 20182018-05-30
ResetHD6060.5.U5 P37 20172018-05-30
So you want to talk about raceE184.A1 O454 20182018-05-30
TactPR766.A38 R87 20182018-05-30
The unknownsD675.W2 O46 20182018-05-30
Existential AmericaB944.E94 C68 20052018-05-30
Approaches to teaching Chaucer's Canterbury talesPR1874 .A67 20142018-05-30
Africa's lost leaderDT1971 .H36 20182018-05-25
A century at LangleyNAS 1.21:2017-07-100-LARC2018-05-23
Dreams of Africa in AlabamaE445.A3 D56 20072018-05-21
BarracoonE444 .H897 20182018-05-21
Kill Jeff DavisE476.27 .V46 20162018-05-21
Roots of warU21 .W555 20182018-05-21
World War II propagandaD810.P6 W45 20172018-05-21
As ifB823 .A83 20172018-05-21
Bring the war homeHS2325 .B45 20182018-05-21
Economic crises and the breakdown of authoritarian regimesJQ776 .P42 20092018-05-21
Provincializing EuropeD13.5.E85 C43 20082018-05-21
StormtroopersDD253.7 .S54 20172018-05-21
BacklashE185.61 .Y36 20182018-05-21
Approaches to teaching Milton's Paradise lostPR3562 .A84 20122018-05-21
Supporting the DoughboysD570.75 .H57 20172018-05-18
(v.)PS3601.N357 V2 20172018-05-09
A concise history of the NetherlandsDJ109 .K46 20172018-05-04
Emory UptonE181.U73 F57 20172018-05-04
The green menaceSB945.E48 M37 20172018-05-04
Is capitalism obsolete?HB90 .C67 20172018-05-04
Shades of greenE540.I6 K43 20172018-05-04
Unfinished businessHB3717 2008 .B396 20172018-05-04
Votes from seatsJF1001 .S537 20172018-05-04
WesternsPS3562.E55 A6 20182018-05-04
High-risersHD7288.78.U52 C42 20182018-05-04
NorthGV1061.15.J874 A3 20182018-05-04
What you are getting wrong about AppalachiaF217.A65 C388 20182018-05-04
The woman's hourJK1911.T2 W45 20182018-05-04
We face the dawnKF4155 .E33 20182018-05-02
A woman without a countryPR6052.O35 A6 20162018-05-01
ArdencyPS3575.O798 A85 20122018-05-01
The Routledge companion to English studiesPE1075 .R675 20182018-05-01
Blue lawsPS3575.O798 A6 20172018-05-01
The China missionDS777.54 .K866 20182018-05-01
Fatal discordBR350.E7 M37 20182018-05-01
How to write an autobiographical novelPS3603.H44 Z46 20182018-05-01
The Indian world of George WashingtonE312.17 .C17 20182018-05-01
Misunderstanding terrorismHV6432 .S233 20172018-05-01
The prodigal tonguePE2808 .M87 20182018-05-01
Show trialPN1993.5.U6 D53 20182018-05-01
The space baronsTL789.85.A1 D38 20182018-05-01
The unwomanly face of warD810.W7 A5313 20172018-05-01
What remainsHX274 .B33 20172018-05-01
The ideology of failed statesJC328.7 .W66 20172018-05-01
Back talkPS3612.A974 A6 20182018-04-26
The fact of a bodyHV6533.L8 M37 20172018-04-26
High-impact ePortfolio practiceLB1029.P67 E97 20172018-04-26
New collected poemsPR6052.O35 A6 20082018-04-26
'Paracuellos'DP269.5 .R85 20172018-04-26
Sally MannTR647 .M36 20182018-04-26
What matters in Jane Austen?PR4037 .M854 20132018-04-26
Not enoughJC571 .M8635 20182018-04-26
Avoiding war, making peaceHM1126 .L42 20182018-04-26
Measuring timePR9387.9.H26 M43 20072018-04-23
The Annotated PoePS2603 20152018-04-23
Enlisting faithUH23 .S73 20172018-04-23
College physicsQC21.3 .H45 20182018-04-20
Cassandra in OzU241 .C73 20162018-04-20
Dear Madam PresidentBF637.L4 P348 20182018-04-20
FascismJC481 .A44 20182018-04-20
Frankenstein in BaghdadPJ7962.A293 F7313 20182018-04-20
Speak freely : why universities must defend free speechLC72.2 .W45 20182018-04-20
Silent spring & other writings on the environmentGE42 .C37 20182018-04-20
The RomanovsDK37.8.R6 S43 20162018-04-20
The great HanGT1555 .C37 20172018-04-20
Jane & DorothyPR4036 .V44 20172018-04-20
Losing PravdaPN5274 .R68 20172018-04-20
Red fighting blueJK1341 .H67 20172018-04-20
Understanding contemporary ChinaDS706 .U47 20172018-04-20
A little history of archaeologyCC100 .F34 20182018-04-18
Collected essays of the 1960sPS3525.A4152 A6 2018b2018-04-17
German submarine warfare in World War ID591 .S66 20172018-04-17
The burdens of brotherhoodDS135.F83 K378 20182018-04-16
Thirteen ways of looking at the novelPS3569.M39 Z476 20062018-04-16
American historiesPS3573.I26 A6 20182018-04-16
Civil War logisticsE491 .H47 20172018-04-16
Competing on analyticsHD38.7 .D38 20172018-04-16
EuniceE843.S56 M35 20182018-04-16
The expanding blazeE209 .I87 20172018-04-16
Famine in European historyHC240.9.F3 F35 20172018-04-16
The FBI in Latin AmericaF3738 .B43 20172018-04-16
The foundation of the CIAJK468.I6 S256 20172018-04-16
InseparableQM691.B86 H83 20182018-04-16
Justice Leah Ward SearsKF373.S417 D38 20172018-04-16
A magical worldBL245 .W68 20182018-04-16
Political communication in actionJA85.2.U6 H45 20182018-04-16
Structured to fail?KF5407 .C37 20172018-04-16
The testament of MaryPR6070.O455 T47 20142018-04-16
A thirst for empireGT2905 .R26 20172018-04-16
War beyond wordsHM554 .W57 20172018-04-16
Colonial al-AndalusDT312 .C35 20182018-04-13
China at warDS777.519 .V36 20182018-04-13
World without endF1411 .T463 20142018-04-12
The burning houseE185.61 .W169 20182018-04-10
The people vs. democracyJC423 .M685 20182018-04-10
The price of aidHC433 .E54 20182018-04-10
The republic of Arabic lettersCB251 .B426 20182018-04-10
The keys to strategies for language instructionPB35 .G73 20172018-04-10
The Frankenstein notebooks / edited by Charles E. Robinson.PR5397.F73 S54 2016 pt.12018-04-09
The Frankenstein notebooks / edited by Charles E. Robinson.PR5397.F73 S54 2016 pt.22018-04-09
The AIGA guide to careers in graphic and communication designNC1001 .C47 20182018-04-09
Jesus in AsiaBT304.94 .S84 20182018-04-09
SuperbugsQR177 .H35 20182018-04-09
The law of bloodDD256.5 .C547513 20182018-04-09
Privacy's blueprintKF1262 .H37 20182018-04-09
A concise history of Sunnis & Shi'isBP191 .M44 20172018-04-05
The travels of Ibn BattutahG370.I2 T8513 20162018-04-05
Nasir-i Khusraw's Book of travels =DS46 .N313 20012018-04-05
Mikhail BulgakovPG3476.B78 Z64 20172018-04-05
Words are weaponsHV6433.I722 S253 20172018-04-05
Words that tear the fleshPN56.I65 W63 20182018-04-05
FrankensteinPR5397 .F73 20182018-03-30
Saving beautyBH39 .H36 20182018-03-30
A shadow on our heartsPS310.V54 G55 20182018-03-30
Victorious centuryDA530 .C215 20182018-03-30
The wallPS3619.T385 W35 20182018-03-30
The wife's taleCT2158.Y48 A33 20182018-03-30
Tallinn manual 2.0 on the international law applicable to cyber operationsKZ6718 .T35 20172018-03-30
Norman MailerPS3525.A4152 A6 20182018-03-30
Ballot blockedJK1846 .R46 20172018-03-30
The economization of lifeHB883.5 .M88 20172018-03-30
A politician thinkingE342 .R353 20172018-03-30
Porter, steward, citizenD639.N4 C48 20172018-03-30
How long will Israel survive?DS126.5 .C285 20172018-03-27
Haunts of the black masseurGV838.53.S64 S68 20182018-03-26
James JoycePR6019.O9 Z533475 20062018-03-22
Automating inequalityHC79.P6 E89 20182018-03-20
Destroying a nationDS98.6 .D36 20172018-03-20
The extraordinary life of Charles Pomeroy StoneE467.1.S87 L36 20162018-03-20
Fifty million risingHD6206.5 .Z34 20182018-03-20
From fascism to populism in historyJC481 .F518 20172018-03-20
The Marshall PlanHC240 .S6755 20182018-03-20
A more beautiful and terrible historyE185.61 .T44 20182018-03-20
Operation chaosDS559.8.D4 S94 20182018-03-20
The political life of Abraham LincolnE457 .B74 v.1 20162018-03-20
The simple faith of Franklin Delano RooseveltE807 .W56 20172018-03-20
Surveillance valleyTK7882.E2 L48 20182018-03-20
The true flagE713 .K56 20182018-03-20
The political life of Abraham LincolnE457 .B74 v.2 20172018-03-20
Young ChinaHQ799.C5 D933 20182018-03-20
KintuPR9402.9.M35 K56 20172018-03-16
Making the monsterPR5397.F73 H37 20182018-03-16
Political tribesJZ1480.A5 C48 20182018-03-16
Radical inclusionHD57.7 .D488 20182018-03-16
Equatorial GuineaDT620.73.B55 B55 20102018-03-16
Jewish volunteers, the international brigades and the Spanish Civil WarDP269.47.J48 Z33 20172018-03-14
Hitler's shadow empireDP269.8.E2 B37 20152018-03-14
SlingshotJK2295.V8 B45 20162018-03-14
ScotlandDA760 .M644 20152018-03-13
The troublesDA990.U46 C683 19952018-03-13
Tournament of shadowsDS329.4 .M47 19992018-03-13
Echo in RamadiDS79.764.R36 H847 20182018-03-09
FrankensteinPR5397.F73 F72 20182018-03-09
Rise and kill firstHV6295.I75 B47 20182018-03-09
Without precedentKF8745.M3 P38 20182018-03-09
Thursday Next in the woman who died a lotPR6106.F67 T48 20122018-03-09
Collected novels & poemsPS3563.U764 A6 20182018-03-09
Functional materialsTA403 .C473 20102018-03-09
The U.S. Naval Institute on mentorshipVB203 .U56 20172018-03-09
Thomas Aquinas on war and peaceB765.T54 R43 20172018-03-06
Everyman in VietnamDS557.7 .A435 20182018-03-06
Existential threatsBT877 .V69 20172018-03-06
ReconstructionE668 .R4245 20182018-03-05
That's Gotta HurtRD97 .G44 20172018-02-28
Enlightenment nowHM891 .P56 20182018-02-21
Understanding everyday incivilityBJ1533.C9 L35 20172018-02-14
Arrius.PS3608.O4944345 A77 20172018-02-01
The dialectics of Orientalism in early modern EuropeDS61.85 .D53 20182018-01-05
Handbook of the economics of innovationHC79.T4 H35335 2010 v.22018-01-05
Handbook of the economics of innovationHC79.T4 H35335 2010 v.12018-01-05
Naked moneyHG256 .W44 20172018-01-05
The fifth seasonPS3610.E46 F54 20152018-01-05
Go, went, gonePT2665.R59 G3713 20172018-01-05
UnsustainableLC151 .U67 20132017-12-14
The art of memoirPS3561.A6929 Z46 20162017-12-05
Qualitative educational researchLB1028.25.U6 Q83 20102017-11-27
Suicide pactKF5050 .N375 20142017-10-16
Cosmopolitanism and placeBJ1031 .C69 20172017-09-29
A great place to have a warDS557.8.L3 K87 20172017-08-10
Renaissance France at warDC46.5 .P68 20082017-08-08
The HuguenotsBX9451 .H85 20142017-08-07
Ritual and violenceBL65.V55 R58 20122017-08-07
The bonjour effectDC34 .B275 20172017-07-24
Finding the Dragon LadyDS556.93.T676 D46 20132017-07-13
Make your bedBF575.C8 M33 20172017-06-05
The devil's chessboardJK468.I6 T35 20162017-05-22
Text + fieldP301 .T44 20162017-05-08
Subterranean sappersD607.3 .M34 20152017-03-17
Long-range public investmentHD3885 .L45 20072016-08-02
The wages of oilJQ1848.A91 H47 20142016-03-21
The politics of non-state social welfareHV70 .P65 20142016-03-21
Power and the voteJF60 .M558 20152016-03-21
Border workDK855.4 .R44 20142016-03-15
Title Author Date Added
Bone on boneKeller, Julia,2018-08-17
CirceMiller, Madeline,2018-07-13
The fallenBaldacci, David,2018-07-06
The Mars roomKushner, Rachel,2018-06-28
The great aloneHannah, Kristin,2018-06-28
The wife between usHendricks, Greer,2018-06-28
Everything happens for a reasonBowler, Kate,2018-06-01
EducatedWestover, Tara,2018-06-01
The overstoryPowers, Richard,2018-06-01
I'll be gone in the darkMcNamara, Michelle,2018-05-25
A higher loyaltyComey, James B.,2018-05-25
Shelter in placeRoberts, Nora,2018-05-25
The Hellfire ClubTapper, Jake,2018-05-18
The midnight lineChild, Lee,2018-04-02
Children of blood and boneAdeyemi, Tomi,2018-03-30
The rising seaCussler, Clive,2018-03-30
The square and the towerFerguson, Niall,2018-03-27
Jackie, Janet & LeeTaraborrelli, J. Randy,2018-03-22
ChicagoMamet, David,2018-03-22
The house of broken angelsUrrea, Luis Alberto,2018-03-22
See what I have doneSchmidt, Sarah,2018-02-23
Dark in deathRobb, J. D.,2018-02-16
The woman in the windowFinn, A. J.,2018-02-13
No time to spareLe Guin, Ursula K.,2018-02-09
The immortalistsBenjamin, Chloe,2018-02-01
Fire and furyWolff, Michael,2018-01-30
1917Herman, Arthur,2018-01-22
What unites usRather, Dan,2017-12-12
Mrs. OsmondBanville, John,2017-12-12
The idiotBatuman, Elif,2017-12-12
Stay with meAdebayo, Ayobami,2017-12-12
The fourGalloway, Scott2017-10-30
The rules of magicHoffman, Alice,2017-10-30
Killing EnglandO'Reilly, Bill,2017-10-30
AliEig, Jonathan,2017-10-30
A first-class catastropheHenriques, Diana B.,2017-10-30
Manhattan BeachEgan, Jennifer,2017-10-24
Sing, unburied, singWard, Jesmyn,2017-10-16
A legacy of spiesLe Carré, John,2017-10-16
What happenedClinton, Hillary Rodham,2017-10-16
The ministry of utmost happinessRoy, Arundhati,2017-09-22
AutumnSmith, Ali,2017-09-22
Sleeping beautiesKing, Stephen,2017-09-22
BeartownBackman, Fredrik,2017-09-21
The almost sistersJackson, Joshilyn,2017-09-18
The painted queenPeters, Elizabeth,2017-09-18
American fireHesse, Monica,2017-09-18
The good peopleKent, Hannah,2017-09-18
The late showConnelly, Michael,2017-09-18
Devil's bargainGreen, Joshua,2017-09-18
Little fires everywhereNg, Celeste,2017-09-18
The golden houseRushdie, Salman,2017-09-18
A column of fireFollett, Ken,2017-09-08
Fast falls the nightKeller, Julia,2017-08-22
Y is for yesterdayGrafton, Sue,2017-08-22
The windfallBasu, Diksha,2017-08-22
The hidden life of treesWohlleben, Peter,2017-08-22
Before we were yoursWingate, Lisa,2017-08-22
Kiss CarloTrigiani, Adriana,2017-08-22
The last TudorGregory, Philippa,2017-08-04
Paradise valleyBox, C. J.,2017-07-17
The wonderDonoghue, Emma,2017-07-11
The people we hate at the weddingGinder, Grant,2017-07-11
Rich people problemsKwan, Kevin,2017-07-11
Al Franken, giant of the SenateFranken, Al,2017-07-05
The frozen hoursShaara, Jeff,2017-06-23
The American spiritMcCullough, David G.,2017-06-19
Churchill and OrwellRicks, Thomas E.,2017-06-19
Homo deusHarari, Yuval N.,2017-06-19
Astrophysics for people in a hurryTyson, Neil deGrasse,2017-06-13
Killers of the Flower MoonGrann, David,2017-06-13
The rise and fall of D.O.D.O.Stephenson, Neal,2017-06-13
The chalk pitGriffiths, Elly,2017-06-05
Come sundownRoberts, Nora,2017-06-05
The shark clubTaylor, Ann Kidd,2017-06-05
Grief cottageGodwin, Gail,2017-06-05
Golden preySandford, John,2017-06-05
16th seductionPatterson, James,2017-06-05
Anne BoleynWeir, Alison,2017-06-05
In the name of the familyDunant, Sarah,2017-06-05
Into the waterHawkins, Paula,2017-06-05
Camino IslandGrisham, John,2017-06-05
The fixBaldacci, David,2017-06-05
The long dropMina, Denise,2017-05-22
The women in the castleShattuck, Jessica,2017-05-16
New boyChevalier, Tracy,2017-05-16
Saints for all occasions Sullivan, J. Courtney,2017-05-09
One perfect lieScottoline, Lisa,2017-05-02
The baker's secretKiernan, Stephen P.,2017-05-02
I found youJewell, Lisa,2017-04-21
Anything is possibleStrout, Elizabeth,2017-04-21
The lost book of the Grail, or, A visitor's guide to Barchester CathedralLovett, Charles C.,2017-04-17
Vicious circleBox, C. J.,2017-04-17
CelineHeller, Peter,2017-04-17
My not so perfect lifeKinsella, Sophie,2017-04-17
Ill willChaon, Dan,2017-04-17
A twist of the knifeMasterman, Becky,2017-04-17
Setting free the kitesGeorge, Alex,2017-04-17
The refugeesNguyen, Viet Thanh,2017-03-02
FaithfulHoffman, Alice,2017-02-08
The sleepwalkerBohjalian, Chris,2017-01-31
Little deathsFlint, Emma,2017-01-26
Right behind youGardner, Lisa,2017-01-24
The fire by nightMessineo, Teresa,2017-01-24
The patriotsKrasikov, Sana,2017-01-24
Her every fearSwanson, Peter,2017-01-24
ClassRosenfeld, Lucinda,2017-01-24
The life and times of Persimmon WilsonPeacock, Nancy,2017-01-24
Never neverPatterson, James,2017-01-16
The chemistMeyer, Stephenie,2017-01-03
Truly madly guiltyMoriarty, Liane,2017-01-03
When breath becomes airKalanithi, Paul,2017-01-03
The black widowSilva, Daniel,2017-01-03
Crisis of characterByrne, Gary J.,2017-01-03
The white donkeyUriarte, Maximilian,2017-01-03
Night schoolChild, Lee,2017-01-03
The last mileBaldacci, David,2017-01-03
History of wolvesFridlund, Emily,2017-01-03
Born a crimeNoah, Trevor,2017-01-03
The book of joyBstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho,2016-12-14
The whistlerGrisham, John,2016-12-14
Small great thingsPicoult, Jodi,2016-12-14
To capture what we cannot keepColin, Beatrice,2016-11-29
Our revolutionSanders, Bernard,2016-11-14
The terranautsBoyle, T. Coraghessan,2016-10-25
News of the worldJiles, Paulette,2016-10-18
Born to runSpringsteen, Bruce,2016-10-18
A gentleman in MoscowTowles, Amor,2016-10-18
Dark matterCrouch, Blake,2016-09-16
The last days of nightMoore, Graham,2016-09-16
Apprentice in deathRobb, J. D.,2016-09-02
Curious mindsEvanovich, Janet,2016-08-17
DamagedScottoline, Lisa,2016-08-09
Heroes of the frontierEggers, Dave,2016-07-26
The woman in cabin 10Ware, Ruth,2016-07-18
FalloutTurtledove, Harry,2016-07-18
The last oneOliva, Alexandra,2016-07-05
I let you goMackintosh, Clare,2016-06-27
Wolf LakeVerdon, John,2016-06-27
Lilac girlsKelly, Martha Hall,2016-06-27
I'm thinking of ending thingsReid, Iain,2016-06-27
The nestSweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix,2016-06-27
The girlsCline, Emma,2016-06-27
The art of warCoonts, Stephen,2016-06-27
The woman in blueGriffiths, Elly,2016-05-11
The bazaar of bad dreamsKing, Stephen,2015-11-05
The girls of Mischief BayMallery, Susan,2015-02-23
BetrayedScottoline, Lisa,2014-11-18
The silver starWalls, Jeannette.2013-06-10
The stormCussler, Clive.2012-05-22
House of the huntedMills, Mark,2012-04-12
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My man GodfreyPN1997 .M953 20122018-08-09
Star Wars.PN1997.2 .S742 20182018-04-23
The blue planetGC21 .B58 20072018-04-09
Thor.PN1997.2 .T4795 20182018-04-05
ThorPN1997.2 .T479 20142018-04-05
Sherlock.PN1992.77 .S54 20172018-04-05
The shape of waterPN1997.2 .S53 20182018-04-05
Game of thrones.PN1992.77 .G382 20172018-03-30
The life of birdsQL698.3 .L54 20022018-03-09
Lion of the desertPN1997 .L56 20052018-02-28
LeonardoT40.L46 L463 20172018-02-23
LionPN1997.2 .L566 20172018-02-21
TeslaTK140.T4 T44 20162018-02-21
The two EscobarsGV944.C63 T96 20102018-02-20