Title Call Number Date Added
Pursuing the honorableU408 .A723 20192019-12-13
War in the airD785 .C36 20192019-12-12
Panzer Commander Hermann BalckU55.B228 R635 20192019-12-12
The crime of aggressionKZ7140 .W45 20192019-12-12
Alabamians in blueE551 .R45 20192019-12-12
Blue-blooded cavalrymanE527.6 3rd .R39 20192019-12-12
The resistance in Western Europe 1940-1945D802.E85 W5413 20192019-12-12
James Riley Weaver's Civil WarE527.6 18th .W43 20192019-12-12
Edison 64DS557.5 .S263 20192019-12-12
Innovating in a secret worldT21 .S75 20192019-12-12
To my dearest wife, LideDS881.8 .G53 20192019-12-12
The Bretton Woods agreementsHG3881.5.W57 B74 20192019-12-12
Indonesia, 1947DS644 .F37 20192019-12-12
Hodges' ScoutE199 .T73 20152019-12-12
Minding the helmV63.G47 A3 20192019-12-12
Death is hard workPJ7942.H343 M3913 20192019-12-12
Under Nushagak bluffPS3608.E28377 U53 20192019-12-12
Apollo's legacyTL789.8.U6 L27 20192019-12-10
Bending the rulesKF5411 .P68 20192019-12-10
Black HuntingtonF249.H95 F35 20192019-12-10
Logoi and muthoiB178 .L639 20192019-12-10
None like usCB235 .B47 20182019-12-10
RebootBF637.L4 C577 20192019-12-10
Soil fauna assemblagesQL110 .N5335 20192019-12-10
States of terrorP324.5 .S56 20192019-12-10
Vanishing fishSH327.7 .P38 20192019-12-10
Murder in New OrleansHV6197.U62 L83 20192019-12-10
The Stockholm paradigmQH543 .B76 20192019-12-10
Sporting genderGV708.8 .H37 20202019-12-10
Demystifying economic markets and pricesHB221 .W64 20192019-12-10
Know my nameHV6561 .M54 20192019-12-10
High pressure organic synthesisQD538 .M37 20192019-12-03
Instant notes in sport and exercise biomechanicsQP303 .G755 20192019-12-03
Why they marchedJK1896 .W37 20192019-12-03
Beaten down, worked upHD8072.5 .G739 20192019-12-03
Blacks in the military and beyondE185.63 .H36 20192019-12-03
Climate machines, fascist drives, and truthGE149 .C665 20192019-12-03
The constitutional origins of the American civil warKF4541 .C556 20192019-12-03
Contemporary thought in the Muslim worldDS35.62 .K44 20192019-12-03
Deported to deathHV6250.4.E75 S54 20192019-12-03
Empire of democracyJC421 .R4183 20192019-12-03
The foreclosure echoKF697.F6 F57 20192019-12-03
Guns in lawKF3941 .G88 20192019-12-03
IranDS298 .R52513 20192019-12-03
Islam, authoritarianism, and underdevelopmentDS35.62 .K87 20192019-12-03
LawlessK564.C6 S875 20192019-12-03
Originalism's promiseKF4552 .S768 20192019-12-03
Censored & banned literatureZ1019 .C46 20192019-12-03
Reinventing the organizationHD30.28 .Y48 20192019-12-03
Religion, law, USAKF358 .R45 20192019-12-03
Super continentHF1583 .C36 20192019-12-03
U.S. democracy promotion in the Arab worldJZ1480 .B62 20192019-12-03
The voices of #MeTooHV6625 .G54 20192019-12-03
A writer of our timePR6052.E564 Z87 20182019-12-03
The privileged poorLC210.5 .J33 20192019-12-03
The bodyQM23.2 .B79 20192019-12-03
The Goldilocks policyTJ808 .F35 20192019-12-03
Solar powerTD195.S64 M85 20192019-12-03
Surviving global warmingTD885.5.G73 S43 20192019-12-03
Slaves among usHT867 .V55 20192019-12-03
UnderlandGN755 .M295 20192019-12-03
MaoismHX418 .L68 20192019-12-03
Grand unionPR6069.M59 A6 20192019-12-03
The wallPR6062.A4863 W35 20192019-12-03
The man who saw everythingPR6062.E9255 M36 20192019-12-03
The Topeka schoolPS3612.E68 T63 20192019-12-03
Baron Wenckheim's homecomingPH3281.K8866 B3713 20192019-12-03
The barefoot womanDT450.437.M85 M8613 20182019-12-03
The memory policePL858.G37 H5713 20192019-12-03
Will and testamentPT8951.18.J58 A7813 20192019-12-03
Space invadersPQ8098.16.E74 S6313 20192019-12-03
The collector of leftover soulsF2538.3 .B485 20192019-12-03
The mutationsPQ7298.413.O438 M8813 20192019-12-03
The innocentsPR9199.3.C717 I56 20192019-12-03
CrossingPH356.S838 T5713 20192019-12-03
The cause of all nationsE469.8 .D687 20152019-12-02
Breaking and enteringHV6772.A5 S55 20192019-11-21
When ideology trumps scienceQ175.52.U5 W65 20182019-11-21
The great pretenderRC454.4 .C34 20192019-11-21
Border towns and border crossingsF786 .B88 20192019-11-21
Introduction to multivariate calibrationQD75.4.C45 O458 20182019-11-21
Tough loveE901.1.R53 A3 20192019-11-21
Gender norms & intersectionalityHQ1075 .W5275 20192019-11-21
Political campaign communicationJF1001 .T73 20202019-11-21
Executive sexismHD6054.3 .W625 20192019-11-21
You are worth itDS371.43.C37 A3 20192019-11-21
John Adams, slavery, and raceE322 .S343 20182019-11-21
The prescription drug problemRA401.A3 S34 20192019-11-21
Presidents and mass incarcerationHV9950 .M25 20182019-11-21
Punishing the vulnerableHV9950 .W324 20192019-11-21
Conversations with RBGKF8745.G56 R67 20192019-11-21
Barrio AmericaHT175 .S25 20192019-11-21
Why you like itMT146 .G35 20192019-11-21
Edward M. Almond and the US ArmyU53.A46 L96 20192019-11-21
Saving the electoral collegeJK529 .H375 20192019-11-21
They will have to die nowDS79.9.M6 V47 20192019-11-21
Lincoln's lieutenantsE470 .S43 20172019-11-18
The QuartermasterE467.1.M44 O35 20162019-11-18
All hell can't stop themE475.97 .P68 20182019-11-18
Union command failure in the ShenandoahE476.64 .P69 20192019-11-18
Lions of the DanE581.5 57th .B73 20202019-11-14
Big sister, little sister, red sisterDS776.8 .C43 20192019-11-14
The great cauldronDR37 .C3513 20192019-11-14
Doomstead daysPS3620.E427 A6 20192019-11-14
The legacy of carbon dioxideQC879.8 .K37 20192019-11-11
Mysteries of MarsQB641 .D425 20182019-11-11
The American storyE175 .R83 20192019-11-11
TempestQC945 .S6145 20192019-11-11
Olive, againPS3569.T736 O45 20192019-11-11
All blood runs redTL540.B747 K45 20192019-11-11
The architecture of treesQK475.6 .L4613 20192019-11-11
SandwormHV6773.R8 G74 20192019-11-11
Energy transitions in Japan and ChinaHD9556.C62 L56 20172019-11-11
Variations on dawn and duskPS3602.E24 A6 20192019-11-06
Drive your plow over the bones of the deadPG7179.O37 P7613 20192019-11-06
Slow scholarshipCB353 .S56 20192019-11-06
ElderhoodRA564.8 .A76 20192019-11-05
Furious hoursHV6533.A2 C47 20192019-11-05
ParklandLB3013.33.F6 C85 20192019-11-05
Invisible womenHQ1237 .C75 20192019-11-05
The outlaw oceanSH319.A2 U73 20192019-11-05
Going over homeS417.T465 A3 20192019-11-05
Sharp KnifeE382 .C29 20172019-11-01
The American canonPS201 .B566 20192019-11-01
Blockbusters and the ancient worldPN1995.9.E79 D38 20192019-11-01
EdisonTK140.E3 M685 20192019-11-01
The Falklands WarF3031.5 .M4676 20192019-11-01
Puppets, gods, and brandsP96.C432 T3 20192019-11-01
Goodness and the literary imaginationPS3563.O8749 G664 20192019-11-01
Life undercoverJK468.I6 F69 20192019-11-01
Nuclear weapons and coercive diplomacyU264 .S424 20172019-11-01
Time and navigationVK555 .J64 20152019-11-01
Butterflies of the worldQL542 .H675 20182019-11-01
Chinatown unboundDU178 .A63 20192019-11-01
Cognitive dissonanceBF337.C63 C64 20192019-11-01
Fading out Black and WhiteE185.625 .K567 20182019-11-01
Good things out of NazarethPS3565.C57 Z48 20192019-11-01
Poor newsP96.P672 G744 20192019-11-01
Race, religion, and politicsBT734.2 .M58 20192019-11-01
America's gun warsHV7436 .C35 20192019-11-01
Beyond liberalismJC574 .B74 20192019-11-01
Columbine, 20 years later and beyondLB3013.33.C6 S34 20192019-11-01
Controlling cyberspaceTK5105.8854 .G545 20182019-11-01
China's grand strategyHC427.95 .K37 20192019-11-01
The police in a free societyKF5399 .D68 20172019-11-01
The rise of the sharing economyHD2961 .R57 20182019-11-01
Deaf republicPS3611.A467 A6 20192019-10-31
Sight linesPS3569.Z38 A6 20192019-10-31
ElementalQD467 .J36 20192019-10-29
The freedom of scientific researchQ180.55.M67 F74 20192019-10-29
Gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual assaultHV6556 .S348 20192019-10-29
Mendeleyev's dreamQD22.M43 S87 20192019-10-29
Symphony in CQD181.C1 H39 20192019-10-29
The uninhabitable earthGF75 .W36 20192019-10-29
Being PolandPG7051 .B45 20192019-10-28
The number of the heavensQB981 .S5346 20192019-10-28
The U.S. Military and Civil Rights Since World War IIUB417 .S78 20192019-10-25
Campus action against sexual assaultLB2345.3.R37 C36 20162019-10-25
Air Force officer's guideUG633 .W75 20142019-10-25
Environmental attitudes through timeGF13 .B47 20182019-10-25
Murder at Small KoppieHV6535.S63 R87 20182019-10-25
Granite skyscrapersQB603.G46 S74 20182019-10-25
Catch and killHD6060.5.U5 F37 20192019-10-25
Practical electrical engineering2019-10-25
Modern American political dynastiesE176 .M64 20182019-10-25
Wind science and engineeringQC931 .S65 20192019-10-25
No remorseHV6133 .H45 20192019-10-25
SpiesUB271.U5 K35 20192019-10-23
They took the kids last nightK5189 .R43 20182019-10-23
Understanding how women voteHQ1236.5.U6 W566 20192019-10-23
An unprecedented electionJK526 2016 .U67 20182019-10-23
Violent extremistsHN49.R33 M63 20192019-10-23
The war on women in the United StatesHQ1237.5.U6 W37 20182019-10-23
When science and politics collideQ175.52.U5 S285 20182019-10-23
Winning the war on povertyHC110.P6 F54 20182019-10-23
Race and ethnicity in digital cultureP94.5.M55 R234 2018 v.22019-10-23
Rape cultures and survivorsHV6558 .R3535 2018 v.22019-10-23
Crude oil, crude moneyHD9576.S332 L57 20192019-10-23
International relations theory of warU21.2 .I775 20192019-10-23
Marijuana politicsHV5822.M3 H367 20182019-10-23
Mobile technology and the transformation of public alert and warningHV551.25 .B43 20192019-10-23
Pay to playGV351 .M363 20172019-10-23
Political speech as a weaponJA85.2.U6 G66 20182019-10-23
The power of will in international conflictJZ5595 .H35 20182019-10-23
Race and ethnicity in digital cultureP94.5.M55 R234 2018 v.12019-10-23
Rape cultures and survivorsHV6558 .R3535 2018 v.12019-10-23
Refugees and asylum seekersK3230.R45 R444 20192019-10-23
Permanent recordJF1525.W45 S655 20192019-10-22
Lakota AmericaE99.T34 H35 20192019-10-22
Fleishman is in troublePS3602.R63457 F57 20192019-10-22
Lost children archivePQ7298.422.U37 L67 20192019-10-22
My sister, the serial killerPR9387.9.B73 M9 20192019-10-22
Out of darkness, shining lightPR9390.9.G37 O95 20192019-10-22
The water dancerPS3603.O17 W38 20192019-10-22
Night boat to TangierPR6102.A7833 N54 20192019-10-22
The cold way homePS3611.E4245 C65 20192019-10-22
Build yourself a boatPS3606.E3878 A6 20192019-10-22
Be recorderPS3607.I45215 A6 20192019-10-22
A sand bookPS3618.E56455 A6 20192019-10-22
DuncePS3568.U36 A6 20192019-10-22
The Jewish unions in AmericaHD6508 .V3913 20182019-10-22
IterateNK1520 .S47 20192019-10-22
Abortion regretHQ767.5.U5 E447 20192019-10-21
America's post-truth phenomenonJA75.7 .A48 20182019-10-21
The artificial intelligence imperativeHF5548.2 .L294 20182019-10-21
Bury my heart in a free landE185.89.I56 B87 20182019-10-21
Confronting the evolving global security landscapeJZ5595 .M364 20192019-10-21
Congress and the War on TerrorKF7225 .W48 20182019-10-21
Congress and U.S. veteransKF7709 .C67 20182019-10-21
The electric batteryTK2901 .J66 20172019-10-21
EpidemicsRA649 .L68 20182019-10-21
Future-ready leadershipHD57.7 .G7654 20182019-10-21
Hidden in plain sightHQ281 .M435 20172019-10-21
How technology is changing human behaviorHM851 .H689 20192019-10-21
The madness of crowdsJC591 .M885 20192019-10-18
The Oxford handbook of terrorismHV6431 .O94 20192019-10-18
Sustainable engineeringTA163 .B35 20192019-10-18
Understanding microbesQR41.2 .D35 20132019-10-17
Rule makers, rule breakersGN493.3 .G45 20182019-10-16
The futureBF327 .M66 20172019-10-16
John Beale Bordley's NecessariesS441 .S759 20202019-10-16
Meat planetTP447.M4 W87 20192019-10-16
Thermodynamic weirdnessTJ265 .L38375 20192019-10-16
Coaching copyrightKF2995 .C576 20202019-10-15
Materials of the mindBF868 .P67 20192019-10-15
In Hoffa's shadowHD6509.H6 G65 20192019-10-15
The only plane in the skyHV6432.7 .G6975 20192019-10-15
Maybe EstherPT2716.E76 V5413 20192019-10-15
GerrymandersJK1343.V3 T37 20192019-10-15
The political life of Abraham LincolnE457 .B74 v.3 20192019-10-15
The ChiefKF8745.R6 A3 20192019-10-15
The nature of constitutional rightsKF4552 .F352 20192019-10-15
Never enoughRC564 .G75 20192019-10-15
No go worldJA76 .A477 20192019-10-15
ReproductionRG136 .R477 20182019-10-15
Rewriting the newspaperPN4867 .S33 20192019-10-15
Visas and wallsJV6035 .A93 20192019-10-15
An orchestra of minoritiesPR9387.9.O2756 O73 20192019-10-15
MicrobiologyQR41.2 .M66 20142019-10-14
Plots against RussiaDK510.762 .B67 20192019-10-14
Climate change scepticismQC903 .G345 20192019-10-14
The innovator's DNAHD53 .D94 20192019-10-14
Civility lostLC89 .G62 20192019-10-14
Getting a lifeHM646 .W66 20182019-10-14
Before military interventionJZ6300 .B438 20192019-10-14
Scientific foundations of zoos and aquariumsQL76 .S35 20192019-10-14
Making and remaking the BalkansDR48.6 .A87 20192019-10-08
MLA guide to undergraduate research in literaturePR56 .B76 20192019-10-08
Women in the American political systemHQ1236.5.U6 W664 2019 v.22019-10-07
Women in the American political systemHQ1236.5.U6 W664 2019 v.12019-10-07
Renia's diaryDS134.72.S68 A313 20192019-10-07
What we talk about when we talk about booksZ1003 .P9 20192019-10-07
The education of an idealistE901.1.P684 A3 20192019-10-04
Rethinking sympathy and human contact in nineteenth-century American literaturePS217.S46 N63 20192019-10-04
Thrifty scienceQ182.3 .W444 20192019-10-04
FrankisssteinPR6073.I558 F73 20192019-10-04
The yellow housePS3602.R6458 Y45 20192019-10-04
American military life in the 21st centuryUA23 .A661475 2019 v.22019-10-04
Sceptics of IslamBP169 .S34 20192019-10-04
Teaching representations of the French RevolutionDC148 .T3735 20192019-10-04
Gender and our brainsQP360.5 .R57 20192019-10-04
Affect and social mediaHM742 .A4156 20182019-10-04
Ethical journalism in a populist agePN4756 .W366 20192019-10-04
Innovation ecosystemsT173.8 .F785 20182019-10-04
Left in the WestPS271 .L44 20182019-10-04
Racism without racistsE184.A1 B597 20182019-10-04
RewildingQL83.4 .R49 20192019-10-04
We must not be enemiesJK1726 .A87 20192019-10-04
The age of living machinesTA164.2 .H63 20192019-10-04
American military life in the 21st centuryUA23 .A661475 2019 v.12019-10-04
Bullets and opiumDS779.32 .L53713 20192019-10-04
The new metricsZ669.8 .N48 20192019-10-04
The engineering revolutionTA15 .E54 20192019-10-04
Engineering rulesTA368 .Y37 20192019-10-04
Ethics for engineersTA157 .P4285 20202019-10-04
Fundamentals of construction estimatingTH435 .P714 20192019-10-04
Mechanical and electrical systems in buildingsTH6010 .T36 20192019-10-04
Our women on the groundP94.5.W652 A737 20192019-10-04
RepairE185.89.R45 F73 20192019-10-04
Robots in American popular cultureTJ211.15 .C37 20192019-10-04
Something deeply hiddenQC174.12 .C365 20192019-10-04
The Stonewall RiotsHQ76.8.U5 S753 20192019-10-04
A terrible thing to wasteGE230 .W375 20192019-10-04
Celestial bodies =PJ7928.R58 S2913 20182019-10-04
China and JapanDS740.5.J3 V59 20192019-10-02
Empire of friendsDB2078.S65 A67 20192019-10-02
Go ahead in the rainML421.T762 W55 20192019-10-02
What you have heard is trueF1488 .F66 20192019-10-02
ThickHM479 .C68 20192019-10-02
Say nothingHV6574.G7 K44 20192019-10-02
Burn the placeTX649.R44 A3 20192019-10-02
CopperheadPS3626.E445 C67 20192019-10-02
Big skyPR6051.T56 B54 20192019-10-02
The porpoisePR6058.A26 P67 20192019-10-02
A dog named BeautifulVE25.K84 A3 20192019-10-02
The travelersPS3616.O785 T73 20192019-10-02
We, the survivorsPR6101.W2 W43 20192019-10-02
The floating worldPS3602.A23147 F58 20182019-10-02
SeverancePS3613.A14 S49 20192019-10-02
Gun lovePS3553.L3934 G86 20192019-10-02
Waiting for EdenPS3601.C5456 W35 20192019-10-02
The calculating starsPS3611.O74948 C35 20182019-10-02
Trust exercisePS3553.H584 T78 20192019-10-02
Sabrina & CorinaPS3606.A396 A6 20192019-10-02
Black lightPS3616.A78267 A6 20192019-10-02
Disappearing EarthPS3616.H4585 D57 20192019-10-02
The needPS3616.H45565 N44 20192019-10-02
Fire and fortitudeD767 .M36 20192019-10-02
Global quality of democracy as innovation enablerJC423 .C356 20192019-10-02
Ducks, NewburyportPR6055.L54 D835 20192019-10-01
Girl, woman, otherPR6055.V25 G57 20192019-10-01
IndagacionesPC4127.C5 D45 20192019-10-01
Complete poemsPS2382 .P37 20192019-10-01
The joy of searchZA4230 .R87 20192019-09-30
SolitaryHV6248.W765 A3 20192019-09-30
Stages of the Buddha's teachingsBQ7645.L35 S83 20152019-09-30
The end of forgettingHM742 .E43 20192019-09-30
OpenHF1713 .C59 20192019-09-30
Drugs and the addiction aesthetic in nineteenth-century literaturePR468.D78 C65 20192019-09-27
Fire on the waterPS217.S55 W37 20192019-09-27
Italian politics and nineteenth-century British literature and culturePR468.P57 C68 20192019-09-27
Law enforcement in the age of Black Lives MatterHV9950 .L39 20182019-09-27
Literature and psychologyPN56.P93 L58 20192019-09-27
Navigating post-truth and alternative factsBL65.P7 N38 20182019-09-27
Cyber strategyHV6773.15.C97 V35 20182019-09-27
The new leadership literaciesHD57.7 .J6353 20172019-09-27
A new conception of warU250 .B76 20182019-09-27
Call out the cadetsE476.64 .B54 20192019-09-26
George MarshallE745.M37 R65 20192019-09-26
Ethics and military strategy in the 21st centuryU22 .L777 20202019-09-25
10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange worldPS3619.H328 A614 20192019-09-24
Field of lost shoesE476.64 .K466 20142019-09-23
Red at the bonePS3573.O64524 R43 20192019-09-20
Future foodsTP248.65.F66 M33 20192019-09-20
Social construction of mental illness and its implications for neuroplasticityRC455.2.P85 W35 20182019-09-20
A fistful of shellsDT476 .G74 20192019-09-20
Twice-divided nationE609 .G725 20192019-09-20
The other AmericansPS3612.A543 O84 20192019-09-20
Revolts and the military in the Arab SpringJQ1850.A91 B88 20192019-09-20
The heartbeat of Wounded KneeE77 .T797 20192019-09-20
Iraq warDS79.76 .I735 20192019-09-20
African American girls and the construction of identityE185.625 .W353 20182019-09-19
Destination ShanghaiDS796.S257 F746 20192019-09-18
Flight riskUG635.A3 M37 20182019-09-18
Why cities loseJK1976 .R65 20192019-09-17
Good enough to eat?SB123.57 .G65 20192019-09-17
MacArthur at warE745.M3 B67 20162019-09-17
Douglas MacArthurE745.M3 H47 20162019-09-17
Our universeQB461 .D86 20192019-09-17
The politics of mass digitizationZ701.3.D54 T49 20182019-09-17
Los cárteles no existenHV5840.M6 Z38 20192019-09-17
Demystifying the American MilitaryUA23 .T475 20192019-09-17
Call sign chaosE748.M414 A3 20192019-09-17
Those turbulent sons of freedomE263.V5 W74 20182019-09-16
Buck WhaleyDA948.3.W42 R93 20192019-09-16
Enduring allianceD845.2 .S29 20192019-09-16
Back in the fightDS371.413 .K37 20132019-09-13
The geography of riskQC945 .G28 20192019-09-09
The accident of colorF380.R33 B76 20192019-09-03
Republican presidents and the safety netHV95 .G73 20192019-08-23
ChokedTD883.1 .G37 20192019-08-20
A matter of factsZA3075 .M555 20192019-08-15
Henry VIII and the men who made himDA334.A1 B67 20192019-08-15
Because internetP120.I6 M28 20192019-08-12
How to write technical reportsT11 .H4713 20192019-08-12
The Green Berets in the land of a million elephantsDS558.6.L3 C454 20192019-07-08
Language, form(s) of life, and logicB3376.W564 L337 20182019-05-13
Insects in Chinese literaturePN56.I63 I44 20192019-04-29
The neuroscience of empathy, compassion, and self-compassionRC343 .N48 20182019-04-25
Altered traitsBL627 .G644 20182019-04-12
MeditationRC489 .M43 20192019-04-10
Les TragiquesPQ1603.A73 L4 19952019-04-08
Textual spacesPQ613 .K43 20192019-03-25
The end of the mythE179.5 .G76 20192019-03-14
The Cambridge companion to GandhiDS481.G3 C36 20112019-03-11
Midnight in ChernobylTK1362.U38 H54 20192019-02-25
Full catastrophe livingRA785 .K33 20132019-02-22
Plato's laughterB398.C63 T36 20172019-01-24
A bite-sized history of FranceTX637 .H46 20182018-12-05
The literature of the indian diaspora:PR9485.45 .M57 20142018-10-09
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understandingB3376 .W57 20172018-09-05
Renaissance France at warDC46.5 .P68 20082017-08-08
The HuguenotsBX9451 .H85 20142017-08-07
Ritual and violenceBL65.V55 R58 20122017-08-07
The bonjour effectDC34 .B275 20172017-07-24
Long-range public investmentHD3885 .L45 20072016-08-02
Title Author Date Added
The ventriloquistsRamzipoor, E. R.,2019-10-22
The Dutch housePatchett, Ann,2019-10-22
The gifted schoolHolsinger, Bruce W.,2019-09-20
Rich people problemsKwan, Kevin,2019-09-18
Lady in the lakeLippman, Laura,2019-09-17
The testamentsAtwood, Margaret,2019-09-11
The nickel boysWhitehead, Colson,2019-09-09
VarinaFrazier, Charles,2019-09-06
The doll factoryMacneal, Elizabeth,2019-09-06
The Darwin affairMason, Timothy,2019-09-06
The turn of the keyWare, Ruth,2019-08-02
The gone deadBenz, Chanelle,2019-07-22
One good deedBaldacci, David,2019-07-22
Sunset BeachAndrews, Mary Kay,2019-07-15
RecursionCrouch, Blake,2019-07-15
Wherever she goesArmstrong, Kelley,2019-07-08
Mistress of the RitzBenjamin, Melanie,2019-07-08
Outside looking inBoyle, T. Coraghessan,2019-07-08
Resistance womenChiaverini, Jennifer,2019-07-08
The red scrolls of magicClare, Cassandra,2019-07-08
WunderlandEpstein, Jennifer Cody,2019-07-08
AnneliesGillham, David R.,2019-07-08
AlienGrant, Mira,2019-07-08
The care and feeding of ravenously hungry girlsGray, Anissa,2019-07-08
Lost rosesKelly, Martha Hall,2019-07-08
Machines like meMcEwan, Ian,2019-07-08
Barely missing everythingMéndez, Matt,2019-07-08
A place for usMirza, Fatima Farheen,2019-07-08
The flight portfolioOrringer, Julie,2019-07-08
The library of lost and foundPatrick, Phaedra,2019-07-08
The Cornwalls are gonePatterson, James,2019-07-08
Women talkingToews, Miriam,2019-07-08
On Earth we're briefly gorgeousVuong, Ocean,2019-06-25
The lost girls of ParisJenoff, Pam,2019-05-16
WestsideAkers, W. M.,2019-05-16
When all is saidGriffin, Anne,2019-05-16
ExhalationChiang, Ted,2019-05-16
The silent patientMichaelides, Alex,2019-05-08
Where the crawdads singOwens, Delia,2019-04-22
GingerbreadOyeyemi, Helen,2019-04-22
Lost and wantedFreudenberger, Nell,2019-04-22
Black enough2019-04-22
The atlas of reds and bluesLaskar, Devi S.,2019-04-22
Willa & HesperFeltman, Amy,2019-04-22
Suspicious mindsBond, Gwenda,2019-04-22
Cemetery RoadIles, Greg,2019-04-22
Girls with sharp sticksYoung, Suzanne,2019-04-22
The dreamersWalker, Karen Thompson,2019-04-16
Black leopard, red wolfJames, Marlon,2019-03-18
The age of lightScharer, Whitney,2019-03-06
CrucibleRollins, James,2019-03-06
BowlawayMcCracken, Elizabeth,2019-03-06
The gilded wolvesChokshi, Roshani,2019-03-06
The tattooist of AuschwitzMorris, Heather2019-03-06
Tess of the roadHartman, Rachel,2019-03-06
The priory of the orange treeShannon, Samantha,2019-03-06
Golden childAdam, Claire,2019-03-06
Dread nationIreland, Justina,2019-03-06
Of blood and boneRoberts, Nora,2019-03-06
An anonymous girlHendricks, Greer,2019-03-06
The winter of the witchArden, Katherine,2019-03-06
The reckoningGrisham, John,2019-03-06
The New Iberia bluesBurke, James Lee,2019-03-06
The Paragon HotelFaye, Lyndsay,2019-03-06
The city in the middle of the nightAnders, Charlie Jane,2019-03-06
The break lineBrabazon, James,2019-03-06
The Raven towerLeckie, Ann,2019-03-06
American spyWilkinson, Lauren,2019-03-06
Fire & bloodMartin, George R. R.,2019-03-06
The plottersKim, Ŏn-su,2019-03-06
ElevationKing, Stephen,2018-11-29
FloridaGroff, Lauren,2018-11-29
The tangled treeQuammen, David,2018-11-29
Long road to MercyBaldacci, David,2018-11-28
Tony's wifeTrigiani, Adriana,2018-11-19
The Witch ElmFrench, Tana,2018-11-14
The clockmaker's daughterMorton, Kate,2018-11-14
Rising out of hatredSaslow, Eli,2018-11-05
Small countryFaye, Gaël,2018-11-02
An American marriageJones, Tayari,2018-11-02
Virgil WanderEnger, Leif,2018-11-02
War of the wolfCornwell, Bernard,2018-11-02
Lake SuccessShteyngart, Gary,2018-11-02
A spark of lightPicoult, Jodi,2018-11-02
UnshelteredKingsolver, Barbara,2018-11-02
Clock danceTyler, Anne,2018-11-02
There thereOrange, Tommy,2018-10-04
The great believersMakkai, Rebecca,2018-10-04
TranscriptionAtkinson, Kate,2018-10-01
Baby teethStage, Zoje,2018-09-18
WarlightOndaatje, Michael,2018-09-18
All we ever wantedGiffin, Emily,2018-09-18
GhostedWalsh, Rosie,2018-09-18
Bone on boneKeller, Julia,2018-08-17
CirceMiller, Madeline,2018-07-13
The fallenBaldacci, David,2018-07-06
The Mars roomKushner, Rachel,2018-06-28
The great aloneHannah, Kristin,2018-06-28
The wife between usHendricks, Greer,2018-06-28
The overstoryPowers, Richard,2018-06-01
EducatedWestover, Tara,2018-06-01
Everything happens for a reasonBowler, Kate,2018-06-01
Shelter in placeRoberts, Nora,2018-05-25
The Hellfire ClubTapper, Jake,2018-05-18
The midnight lineChild, Lee,2018-04-02
The rising seaCussler, Clive,2018-03-30
Children of blood and boneAdeyemi, Tomi,2018-03-30
The square and the towerFerguson, Niall,2018-03-27
Jackie, Janet & LeeTaraborrelli, J. Randy,2018-03-22
ChicagoMamet, David,2018-03-22
The house of broken angelsUrrea, Luis Alberto,2018-03-22
See what I have doneSchmidt, Sarah,2018-02-23
Dark in deathRobb, J. D.,2018-02-16
Sing, unburied, singWard, Jesmyn,2017-10-16
The last TudorGregory, Philippa,2017-08-04
The woman in cabin 10Ware, Ruth,2016-07-18
The girls of Mischief BayMallery, Susan,2015-02-23
The silver starWalls, Jeannette.2013-06-10
The stormCussler, Clive.2012-05-22
House of the huntedMills, Mark,2012-04-12
Title Call Number Date Added
Le Corbeau =PN1995.9.F67 C67 20042019-12-03
Das Leben der Anderen =PN1997.2 .L58 20072019-10-21
On the basis of sexPN1997.2 .O6 20192019-09-05
The interpreterPN1997.2 .I5847 20052019-08-21