Title Call Number Date Added
Steven Pressfield's The Warrior EthosBJ1533.I58 C377 20132019-01-21
AtlanticHQ32 .L642019-01-21
Two novels of the American RevolutionPS1402 .T39 20192019-01-17
EnglishPR33 .E54 20182019-01-15
A history of Japanese theatrePN2921 .H5525 20182019-01-15
Civilizing tortureHV8599.U6 B78 20182019-01-15
The Great War in AmericaD619 .P43 20182019-01-15
The war before the warE450 .D45 20182019-01-15
The First World WarPR408.W37 F57 20182019-01-15
World turned upside downE77 .W883 20162019-01-11
Conservative internationalismE183.7 .N38 20152019-01-11
Scots and CatalansDA765 .E45 20182019-01-11
Hitler's soldiersD757.1 .S54 20172019-01-10
Archaeology hotspot EgyptDT60 .H46 20172019-01-10
The justice of contradictionsKF8745.S33 H37 20182019-01-10
Mussolini and HitlerD726.5 .G64 20182019-01-10
New Southern photographyTR646.U6 N496 20182019-01-10
The rise and fall of the British nationDA566 .E338 20182019-01-10
Thomas CromwellDA334.C9 M23 20182019-01-07
Little dancer aged fourteenNB553.D4 A68 20182019-01-07
Hurry down sunshineRC516 .G74 20182019-01-07
Cinema for Spanish conversationPC4121 .G55 20142019-01-07
Dying for ideasB104 .B73 20152019-01-07
Breakfast with EinsteinQC24.5 .O794 20182019-01-07
How to teach physics to your dogQC24.5 .O79 20102019-01-07
How to teach relativity to your dogQC173.57 .O79 20122019-01-07
America, compromisedHV6769 .L48 20182019-01-07
Bringing war to bookUA940 .W66 20182019-01-07
Decisions at ChickamaugaE475.81 .P689 20182019-01-07
FalloutTD196.R3 P43 20182019-01-07
Field guide to grasses of the Mid-AtlanticQK495.G74 C464 20182019-01-07
Freedom's laboratoryQ127.U6 W654 20182019-01-07
A future in ruinsAS4.U83 M47 20182019-01-07
Heavy ladenRC451.4.V48 L64 20182019-01-07
A history of JudaismBM155.3 .G66 20182019-01-07
Geometry through historyQA443.5 .D55 20182019-01-07
Multivariable calculus with applicationsQA278 .L38 20172019-01-07
Learning warV169 .H66 20182019-01-07
RampageD767.4 .S39 20182019-01-07
Under contractDS371.4125 .C64 20182019-01-07
Storm in a teacupQC75 .C94 20182019-01-07
Epidemics and warRA649 .E65 20182019-01-07
Let the evidence speakQA279.5 .J47 20182019-01-07
MonumentPS3570.R433 A6 20182019-01-07
All the lives we never livedPR9499.4.R693 A78 20182019-01-07
ChalkN6537.T96 R58 20182019-01-07
Before and after violenceRC569.5.V55 B44 20182019-01-07
The Civil War eraPS217.C58 M48 20182019-01-07
Danger and vulnerability in nineteenth-century American literaturePS374.D53 T73 20182019-01-07
Gun violence prevention?HV7436 .K47 20182019-01-07
Undocumented livesE184.M5 M5496 20182019-01-07
Writing the radio warD810.P7 G796 20182019-01-07
Speeches of notePN6122 .S643 20182019-01-07
The Spanish Civil WarDP269 .E7234 20192019-01-07
Computational chemistryQD455.3.C64 L49 20162019-01-07
Back to Fort ScottTR647 .P37 20152019-01-07
Neuroscience for leadershipBF637.L4 S93 20152019-01-07
Applied mathematicsQA93 .G66 20182018-12-19
The Crusader armiesD160 .T53 20182018-12-19
Haunted by chaosDS777.56 .K53 20182018-12-19
Guilty aesthetic pleasuresPN45 .A837 20182018-12-19
The craft of scientific writingT11 .A37 20182018-12-19
Forbidden configurations in discrete geometryQA640.7 .E67 20182018-12-17
Emmanuel LevinasB2430.L482 E6 19962018-12-17
Gravity!QC178 .B56 20182018-12-14
War isn't the only hellPS374.W65 G38 20182018-12-14
Gandhi before IndiaDS481.G3 G824 20152018-12-14
Bulletproofing the psycheUB357 .B85 20182018-12-14
The history of policing AmericaHV8138 .F734 20182018-12-14
How culture runs the brainBF175.4.C84 H36 20172018-12-14
Human strengths and resilienceBF698.35.R47 H86 20182018-12-14
Dare to leadHD57.7 .B764 20182018-12-14
Ripples in spacetimeQC179 .S287 20172018-12-13
Cinema and unconventional warfare in the twentieth centuryPN1995.9.T46 R53 20182018-12-12
Social media and moralityHM741 .N45 20182018-12-12
Scaling up excellenceHD58.8 .S887 20142018-12-12
The mystery of the Hanging Garden of BabylonDS70.5.B3 D34 20152018-12-12
MilkmanPR6102.U76 M55 20182018-12-12
The making of Mary Shelley's FrankensteinPR5397.F73 H39 20192018-12-12
Gods and robotsBL313 .M972 20182018-12-12
Broken livesJN3971.A91 J36 20182018-12-11
BugsplatU21.2 .C74 20182018-12-11
Fierce enigmasDS518.8 .R34 20182018-12-11
Lords of the desertDS63.2.U5 B3557 20182018-12-11
Operation ColumbaD810.S7 C635 20182018-12-11
The rise of Andrew JacksonE381 .H45 20182018-12-11
Ruth Bader GinsburgKF8745.G56 D44 20182018-12-11
Seeking accountability for the unlawful use of forceKZ7140 .S44 20182018-12-11
Selling the CIAJK468.I6 M422 20182018-12-11
State of repressionDS79.7 .B53 20182018-12-11
Wars of lawKZ6385 .F39 20182018-12-11
Over the horizonD31 .E34 20172018-12-11
The hacked world orderJZ1254 .S44 20172018-12-11
The rise of the working-class shareholderHD7105.35.U6 W43 20182018-12-11
Women have always workedHD6095 .K45 20182018-12-11
BecomingE909.O24 A3 20182018-12-11
American warPS3605.L12 A44 20182018-12-05
Weird mathQA93 .D285 20182018-12-05
Lock, stock, and barrelHV8059 .C733 20182018-12-05
Military anthropologyU21.5 .M34 20182018-12-05
The principle of least actionQA871 .R65 20182018-12-05
On gravityQB331 .Z44 20182018-12-05
A brief history of everyone who ever livedQH445.2 .R88 20172018-12-05
Both Eastern and WesternDS266 .M378 20182018-12-05
Crusade and jihadD157 .P56 20182018-12-05
PalestineDS117 .M375 20182018-12-05
Taliban narrativesDS371.4135 .J646 20172018-12-05
Hatred of America's presidentsE176.1 .H39 20182018-12-05
The collected letters of W.B. YeatsPR5906 .A4 1986 v.52018-12-05
PalestineDS125.3.S23 A3 20072018-12-05
UnvanquishedJZ4997.5.U55 B68 19992018-12-05
Illustrated hieroglyphics handbookPJ1097 .S29513 20022018-12-05
Aunt Safiyya and the monasteryPJ7864.A357 K4613 19962018-12-05
Optical magic in the late RenaissanceQC353 .P67 20192018-12-05
Arabian knightDS63.2.U5 L566 20082018-12-05
Edmund BurkeDA506.B9 N67 20132018-12-05
Otto SkorzenyDD247.S46 S65 20182018-12-05
BismarckDD218 .S795 20112018-12-05
A bite-sized history of FranceTX637 .H46 20182018-12-05
Engineering technologies for renewable and recyclable materialsTD794.5 .E545 20192018-12-05
The ethical chemistQD39.7 .K69 20182018-12-05
Overcoming opioid addictionRC568.O45 B57 20182018-12-05
America's information warsHD30.2 .B865 20182018-12-05
Are markets moral?HB501 .A659 20182018-12-05
Capitalism in AmericaHB501 .G6454 20182018-12-05
The divideHD82 .H4393 20182018-12-05
Dying for a paycheckHF5548.85 .P495 20182018-12-05
Edge of chaosHD87 .M69 20182018-12-05
The growth delusionHD82 .P495 20182018-12-05
Rocket billionairesHD9711.75.U62 F47 20182018-12-05
Saudi, Inc.HD9576.S35 A78 20182018-12-05
Success through diversityHF5549.5.M5 F85 20182018-12-05
UberlandHE5620.R53 R67 20182018-12-05
The wealth of a nationHF1753 .J64 20182018-12-05
Confederate reckoningE487 .M18 20122018-12-03
U.S. environmentalism since 1945GE197 .S76 20072018-12-03
Mass shootings in AmericaHV6529 .M378 20182018-12-03
Karl MarxHX39.5 .S785 20162018-12-03
The First World WarD505 .G64 20132018-11-29
Between two millstones.PG3488.O4 Z4613 20182018-11-29
The book of circlesP93.5 .L56 20172018-11-26
The emotional foundations of personalityBF698 .D374 20182018-11-26
Written offRC455 .Y36 20182018-11-26
The field of bloodDS99.S26 M67 20182018-11-26
The HijazDS247.9.H45 D34 20182018-11-26
Letters to my Palestinian neighborDS119.76 .K543 20182018-11-26
No turning backDS98.6 .A26 20182018-11-26
Operation CaesarDS98.6 .L413 20182018-11-26
The wind in my hairDS318.84.A45 A3 20182018-11-26
The girl from KathmanduDS79.76 .S568 20182018-11-26
Inside IranDS318.8 .B465 20182018-11-26
Rising powers and the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1947DS119.7 .B87 20182018-11-26
US approaches to the Arab uprisingsDS63.2.U5 U82 20182018-11-26
ThrallPS3570.R433 T47 20152018-11-26
Art mattersBF408 .G276 20182018-11-26
Beyond the callDS371.413 .R58 20182018-11-26
Heirs of the foundersE338 .B73 20182018-11-26
The moral economyHB72 .B683 20162018-11-26
The 9/11 Commission report with related documentsHV6432.7 .A109 20072018-11-16
Black Americans in the revolutionary eraE269.N3 H65 20092018-11-16
Dred Scott v. SandfordKF4545.S5 F558 20172018-11-16
The Emancipation ProclamationE453 .V66 20102018-11-16
The EnlightenmentCB411 .J327 20172018-11-16
Envisioning AmericaE127 .E59 20172018-11-16
The fascist revolution in ItalyDG571 .S764 20132018-11-16
The First CrusadeD161.2 .R74 20152018-11-16
Freedom SummerE185.93.M6 D57 20172018-11-16
The German Reformation and the peasants' warDD182 .B23 20122018-11-16
The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919RA644.I6 K52 20132018-11-16
Islam in the Indian Ocean worldBP64.A32 I758 20162018-11-16
Jerry Falwell and the rise of the religious rightBR115.P7 S88 20132018-11-16
The Mexican RevolutionF1234 .W373 20122018-11-16
Faster, higher, strongerGV558 .M34 20142018-11-16
Napoleonic Foot Soldiers and CiviliansDC159 .B55 20112018-11-16
The Nazi state and German societyHN445 .N385 20102018-11-16
LiftGV342.27 .K86 20172018-11-16
Reconstruction violence and the Ku Klux Klan hearingsE668 .R424 20152018-11-16
The Seven Years' War in North AmericaE199 .S53 20142018-11-16
The Silk RoadsDS329.4 .L593 20122018-11-16
Slavery, freedom, and the law in the Atlantic worldKDZ546 .P43 20072018-11-16
Southern horrors and other writingsE185.97.W55 S68 20162018-11-16
Approaches to teaching Hugo's Les misérablesPQ2286 .A87 20182018-11-16
Sexual harassment of womenHQ1237.5.U6 S49 20182018-11-16
The complete world of human evolutionGN281 .S873 20122018-11-16
How language beganP116 .E73 20172018-11-16
Lone survivorsGN281 .S8746 20122018-11-16
Masters of the planetGN281 .T364 20132018-11-16
The Neanderthals rediscoveredGN285 .P36 20152018-11-16
The story of the human bodyQP38 .L74 20142018-11-16
Who we are and how we got hereQH431 .R37 20182018-11-16
Critical race theoryKF4755.A75 C7 19962018-11-16
Why religion?BL43.P34 A3 20182018-11-13
Cardiovascular healthRC682 .C64 20172018-11-13
Nine continentsPR9450.9.G86 Z46 20182018-11-13
SportsmanshipGV706.3 .S74 20162018-11-13
SportsWorldGV583 .L56 20182018-11-13
Strokes of geniusGV836.4 .C43 20172018-11-13
They will have their gameGV583 .C6155 20172018-11-13
Not all dead white menHN49.R33 Z83 20182018-11-13
Water imagery in George Sand's workPQ2417 .W38 20182018-11-13
The captive's quest for freedomE450 .B589 20182018-11-13
The letters of Sylvia PlathPS3566.L27 Z48 v.2 20182018-11-13
Radical matterTS171.4 .F72 20182018-11-13
Sleeping on JupiterPR9499.4.R693 S57 20162018-11-13
Getting to usGV711 .D36 20182018-11-13
Out of many faithsBR515 .P38 20182018-11-13
LessPS3557.R3987 L47 20182018-11-13
A short history of the hundred years warDC96 .P74 20182018-11-13
A lucky manPS3602.R53183 A6 20182018-11-12
At sword's point.F826 .A87 20162018-11-09
Industrial organic chemistryTP155 .B3965 20172018-11-09
Building and maintaining award-winning ACS student member chaptersQD1 .B81495 2016 v.12018-11-09
Building and maintaining award-winning ACS student member chaptersQD1 .B81495 2016 v.22018-11-09
Green chemical processesTP155.2.E58 G74 20172018-11-09
Ranger handbook : not for the weak or faintheartedUA34.R36 A769 20172018-11-08
The battle of Turkey ThicketDS921.6 .R877 20172018-11-08
Holidays in the danger zoneG156 .L47 20162018-11-08
Once and future partnersJZ5665 .O53 20182018-11-08
ZeebruggeDS594.Z4 S26 20182018-11-08
Predicting hotspotsHM1126 .B378 20182018-11-08
The American soldier, 1866-1916UA25 .H44 20182018-11-07
The Communist manifestoHX273 .M3713 20182018-11-06
John Brown's raid on Harpers FerryE451 .E17 20082018-11-06
Manifest destiny and American territorial expansionE338 .G83 20182018-11-06
Security, economics and nuclear non-proliferation moralityU264 .N34 20182018-11-06
Revolutionary bodiesGV1691 .W55 20182018-11-06
Hello worldT14.5 .F788 20182018-11-06
HeavyE185.97.L394 A3 20182018-11-05
The Polly O'Keefe quartetPS3523.E55 A6 2018b2018-11-02
LeadersHM1261 .M3945 20182018-11-01
American dialogueE183 .E436 20182018-11-01
The procrastination economyGV181.3 .T87 20182018-11-01
Experiencing the Thirty Years WarD251 .M44 20132018-10-31
Spartacus and the slave warsDG253.5 .S62 20182018-10-31
Teaching rape in the medieval literature classroomPR275.R37 T43 20182018-10-31
LGBTQ social movementsHQ76.8.U5 S78 20182018-10-31
Armageddon and paranoiaD843 .B65843 20182018-10-31
The wrinkle in time quartetPS3523.E55 A6 20182018-10-31
The social origins of languageP116 .S49 20182018-10-31
Norman Bel GeddesNK1412.G43 M34 20182018-10-30
Reyner Banham and the paradoxes of high techNA2599.8.B36 G36 20172018-10-30
Romance and reasonDS36.82.G7 R66 20182018-10-30
Before AIDSRA564.9.H65 B38 20182018-10-30
The concept of presocratic philosophyB187.5 .L3513 20182018-10-30
BergsonB2430.B43 A568 20182018-10-30
Writing warPN218 .C377 20132018-10-29
BTFMTK5105.59 .W44 20172018-10-29
Political riskHD61 .R49 20182018-10-29
Abraham Lincoln, slavery, and the Civil WarE457.2 .A145 20112018-10-26
The American women's movement, 1945-2000HQ1236.5.U6 M323 20092018-10-26
The Cherokee removalE99.C5 P43 20162018-10-26
The confessions of Nat Turner with related documentsF232.S7 C66 20172018-10-26
The French Revolution and human rightsDC158.8 .F6895 20162018-10-26
Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960sE185.61 .H85 20042018-10-26
Napoleon, symbol for an ageDC203 .B62 20082018-10-26
Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slaveE449 .D749 20172018-10-26
The Nuremberg War crimes trial, 1945-46D804.G42 N87 20182018-10-26
The princeJC143 .M3813 20162018-10-26
The Salem witch huntBF1576 .G635 20182018-10-26
The military-entertainment complexU310.2 .L46 20182018-10-26
First, for the durationE551.5 8th .G79 20082018-10-26
The generals' warD530 .Z33 20182018-10-26
Women at warD767.63 .H55 20182018-10-25
Sympathy for the traitorP306 .P65 20182018-10-25
The coddling of the American mindJC599.U5 L85 20182018-10-25
Discussion as a way of teachingLB2331 .B679 20052018-10-25
Frederick DouglassE449.D75 B557 20182018-10-25
The library bookZ733.L8742 O75 20182018-10-25
American defaultHC106.3 .E25 20182018-10-25
The American militaryUA23 .G638 20182018-10-25
The Battle of ArnhemD763.N42 A725 20182018-10-25
Dawn of the code warU167.5.C92 C37 20182018-10-25
The field of bloodE338 .F735 20182018-10-25
A genealogy of terror in eighteenth-century FranceDC33.4 .S37 20182018-10-25
The great silenceQB54 .C575 20182018-10-25
A history of FranceDC39 .N67 20182018-10-25
Hitler's American friendsE806 .H35 20182018-10-25
In the hurricane's eyeE241.Y6 P55 20182018-10-25
Modern American extremism and domestic terrorismHN90.R3 B333 20182018-10-25
Mothers of the militaryUB403 .C486 20182018-10-25
Not according to planPN1993.5.R9 B385 20172018-10-25
ReaganE877 .S75 20182018-10-25
Women and war in the 21st centuryUB416 .S36 20182018-10-25
Reader, come homeBF456.R2 W65 20182018-10-24
Paper mindsPN81 .K696 20182018-10-24
Criminologies of the militaryU22 .C75 20182018-10-24
Getting nuclear weapons rightU264 .C558 20182018-10-24
Britain's war machineD759 .E44 20112018-10-23
BibiDS126.6.N48 P44 20182018-10-23
ChernobylTK1362.U38 P555 20182018-10-23
Into the hands of the soldiersDT107.88 .K57 20182018-10-23
SupermindsQ335 .M35 20182018-10-23
To end a presidencyKF5075 .T75 20182018-10-23
Russian rouletteE911 .I85 20182018-10-23
Cyber securityU167.5.C92 C93 20182018-10-23
Grit, the secret to advancementKF299.W6 H64 20172018-10-23
To catch a kingDA445 .S64 20172018-10-22
NeptuneD756.5.N6 S96 20142018-10-22
For God and KaiserUA672 .B37 20152018-10-22
Guantánamo diaryHV9468.5.S58 A3 20172018-10-22
The African UnionDT30.5 .A3657 20182018-10-22
The assault on intelligenceJK468.I6 H388 20182018-10-22
BrotopiaHD6060.5.U5 C52 20182018-10-22
CollusionHG1811 .P75 20182018-10-22
ContemptKF5076.C57 S72 20182018-10-22
The death of truthJK1726 .K355 20182018-10-22
Enemies of the stateE183 .M878 20182018-10-22
Good and madHQ1421 .T73 20182018-10-22
In defense of charismaBF698.35.C45 L55 20182018-10-22
InsaneHV6133 .R68 20182018-10-22
Kingdoms of faithDP102 .C38 20182018-10-22
Light of the starsQB982 .F73 20182018-10-22
LikewarHM742 .S5745 20182018-10-22
MandelaDT1974 .H35 20182018-10-22
The most dangerous branchKF8748 .K37 20182018-10-22
The order of timeQC173.59.S65 R6813 20182018-10-22
Presidents of WarE176.1 .B475 20182018-10-22
SqueezedHT690.U6 Q37 20182018-10-22
Start hereKF9730 .B47 20182018-10-22
Suicide of the westJC573.2.U6 G654 20182018-10-22
The recoveringHV4998 .J36 20182018-10-22
TailspinHN59 .B75 20182018-10-22
Circadian rhythmsQP84.6 .F667 20172018-10-22
The promise of sleepRA786 .D43 19992018-10-22
The plot to destroy democracyJK526 2016 .N35 20182018-10-22
Cyber mercenariesHV6773 .M38 20182018-10-22
Is college worth it?LB2324 .B46 20132018-10-22
The Oxford handbook of postcolonial studiesJV51 .O94 20162018-10-19
VietnamDS557.7 .H37 20182018-10-19
The Hell of good intentionsE895 .W35 20182018-10-19
The cyber threat and globalizationU167.5.C92 J37 20182018-10-19
Death machinesU42.5 .S39 20182018-10-19
Digital warU163 .M398 20192018-10-19
The end of strategic stability?U263 .E557 20182018-10-19
The fightersU52 .C55 20182018-10-19
How Western soldiers fightU167.5.I8 F75 20182018-10-19
The Iran nuclear dealJZ5675 .J48 20182018-10-19
The Marines, counterinsurgency, and strategic cultureU241 .J635 20182018-10-19
Nuclear terrorU264 .V46 20182018-10-19
War in international thoughtHM554 .B36 20182018-10-19
On grand strategyU162 .G125 20182018-10-19
Pakistan's nuclear bombU264.5.P18 A23 20182018-10-19
Small wars, big dataU240 .B47 20182018-10-19
Strategy strikes backU102 .S79 20182018-10-19
The future of health, wellbeing and physical educationRJ101 .L96 20162018-10-19
Fifty materials that make the worldTA403.6 .B25 20182018-10-19
Smart micro-grid systems security and privacyTK3105 .S63 20182018-10-19
Tales of literacy for the 21st centuryP37.5.R42 W65 20162018-10-18
What you don't know about leadership, but probably shouldHM1261 .K68 20182018-10-18
Logistics engineeringTA168 .G75 19912018-10-18
Woolf and the cityPR6045.O72 Z5787 20102018-10-17
Blurred linesLB2345.3.R37 G75 20182018-10-17
BitwiseQA76.167 .A84 20182018-10-17
Broad bandQA76.2.A2 E93 20182018-10-17
Clouds are not spheresQA29.M34 L47 20182018-10-17
The cryotron filesQA76.2.B83 A3 20182018-10-17
Becoming LincolnE457.35 .F74 20182018-10-17
Leadership in turbulent timesE176.1 .G65 20182018-10-17
Understanding cybersecurityTK5105.8854 .U53 20182018-10-17
The Columbia history of Chinese literaturePL2265 .C65 20102018-10-16
Communicating scienceQ223 .B694 20172018-10-12
Astrophysical techniquesQB461 .K57 20142018-10-12
The future of postcolonial studiesPN56.P555 F88 20182018-10-11
The literature of the indian diaspora:PR9485.45 .M57 20142018-10-09
Rocket menTL789.8.U6 A5438 20182018-10-04
Plane crashTL553.5 .B5222 20182018-10-03
The silence of the girlsPR6052.A6488 S55 20182018-10-02
The practicing stoicB528 .F37 20182018-09-26
Writing the memoirCT25 .B285 20022018-09-25
Military flight aptitude testsUG638 .D87 20182018-09-25
KeywordsPE1580 .W58 20152018-09-24
On desperate groundDS918.2.C35 S53 20182018-09-24
RwandaDT450.44 .T46 20182018-09-24
Brill's companion to Aineias TacticusU101 .B75 20182018-09-20
ReconstructionE668 .G89 20182018-09-18
EvolutionGN281 .E92 20182018-09-18
The AEF in printD632 .A34 20182018-09-11
Project EagleD769.8.F7 K67 20172018-09-06
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understandingB3376 .W57 20172018-09-05
Pandemic 1918RC150.4 .A75 20182018-08-30
The lies that bindBD236 .A58 20182018-08-30
Never forget national humiliationJZ1734 .W38 20142018-08-29
The GothsD137 .M33 20172018-08-13
On violenceHM886 .A74 20142018-08-03
Reading imagesNK1510 .K64 20062018-08-03
MultimodalityP99 .K684 20102018-07-27
America and the Great WarD570 .W34 20172018-07-12
Hidden armies of the Second World WarD802.E9 Z36 20172018-07-05
The soul of AmericaE169.1 .M4977 20182018-06-28
Girls and women in STEMQ130 .G575 20142018-06-26
Handbook of narrative inquiryH61.295 .H36 20072018-06-26
The search for method in STEAM educationLB1060 .M3367 20172018-06-26
Narrative inquiryH61.295 .D35 20142018-06-18
Field guide to polarizationQC441 .C63 20052018-06-15
Modern Asian theatre and performance 1900-2000PN2860 .W48 20142018-06-04
The unknownsD675.W2 O46 20182018-05-30
Economic crises and the breakdown of authoritarian regimesJQ776 .P42 20092018-05-21
BacklashE185.61 .Y36 20182018-05-21
Tallinn manual 2.0 on the international law applicable to cyber operationsKZ6718 .T35 20172018-03-30
The dialectics of Orientalism in early modern EuropeDS61.85 .D53 20182018-01-05
Handbook of the economics of innovationHC79.T4 H35335 2010 v.22018-01-05
Handbook of the economics of innovationHC79.T4 H35335 2010 v.12018-01-05
UnsustainableLC151 .U67 20132017-12-14
Cosmopolitanism and placeBJ1031 .C69 20172017-09-29
Renaissance France at warDC46.5 .P68 20082017-08-08
The HuguenotsBX9451 .H85 20142017-08-07
Ritual and violenceBL65.V55 R58 20122017-08-07
The bonjour effectDC34 .B275 20172017-07-24
Text + fieldP301 .T44 20162017-05-08
Long-range public investmentHD3885 .L45 20072016-08-02
The wages of oilJQ1848.A91 H47 20142016-03-21
The politics of non-state social welfareHV70 .P65 20142016-03-21
Power and the voteJF60 .M558 20152016-03-21
Border workDK855.4 .R44 20142016-03-15
Title Author Date Added
ElevationKing, Stephen,2018-11-29
FloridaGroff, Lauren,2018-11-29
One person, no voteAnderson, Carol2018-11-29
The tangled treeQuammen, David,2018-11-29
Long road to MercyBaldacci, David,2018-11-28
Tony's wifeTrigiani, Adriana,2018-11-19
The Witch ElmFrench, Tana,2018-11-14
The clockmaker's daughterMorton, Kate,2018-11-14
Rising out of hatredSaslow, Eli,2018-11-05
Small countryFaye, Gaël,2018-11-02
An American marriageJones, Tayari,2018-11-02
Virgil WanderEnger, Leif,2018-11-02
War of the wolfCornwell, Bernard,2018-11-02
Lake SuccessShteyngart, Gary,2018-11-02
A spark of lightPicoult, Jodi,2018-11-02
UnshelteredKingsolver, Barbara,2018-11-02
Clock danceTyler, Anne,2018-11-02
There thereOrange, Tommy,2018-10-04
The great believersMakkai, Rebecca,2018-10-04
TranscriptionAtkinson, Kate,2018-10-01
Baby teethStage, Zoje,2018-09-18
WarlightOndaatje, Michael,2018-09-18
All we ever wantedGiffin, Emily,2018-09-18
GhostedWalsh, Rosie,2018-09-18
Bone on boneKeller, Julia,2018-08-17
CirceMiller, Madeline,2018-07-13
The fallenBaldacci, David,2018-07-06
The Mars roomKushner, Rachel,2018-06-28
The great aloneHannah, Kristin,2018-06-28
The wife between usHendricks, Greer,2018-06-28
The overstoryPowers, Richard,2018-06-01
EducatedWestover, Tara,2018-06-01
Everything happens for a reasonBowler, Kate,2018-06-01
I'll be gone in the darkMcNamara, Michelle,2018-05-25
A higher loyaltyComey, James B.,2018-05-25
Shelter in placeRoberts, Nora,2018-05-25
The Hellfire ClubTapper, Jake,2018-05-18
The midnight lineChild, Lee,2018-04-02
The rising seaCussler, Clive,2018-03-30
Children of blood and boneAdeyemi, Tomi,2018-03-30
The square and the towerFerguson, Niall,2018-03-27
Jackie, Janet & LeeTaraborrelli, J. Randy,2018-03-22
ChicagoMamet, David,2018-03-22
The house of broken angelsUrrea, Luis Alberto,2018-03-22
See what I have doneSchmidt, Sarah,2018-02-23
Dark in deathRobb, J. D.,2018-02-16
The woman in the windowFinn, A. J.,2018-02-13
No time to spareLe Guin, Ursula K.,2018-02-09
The immortalistsBenjamin, Chloe,2018-02-01
Fire and furyWolff, Michael,2018-01-30
1917Herman, Arthur,2018-01-22
What unites usRather, Dan,2017-12-12
The idiotBatuman, Elif,2017-12-12
Mrs. OsmondBanville, John,2017-12-12
Stay with meAdebayo, Ayobami,2017-12-12
AliEig, Jonathan,2017-10-30
Killing EnglandO'Reilly, Bill,2017-10-30
The rules of magicHoffman, Alice,2017-10-30
The fourGalloway, Scott2017-10-30
A first-class catastropheHenriques, Diana B.,2017-10-30
Manhattan BeachEgan, Jennifer,2017-10-24
Sing, unburied, singWard, Jesmyn,2017-10-16
A legacy of spiesLe Carré, John,2017-10-16
What happenedClinton, Hillary Rodham,2017-10-16
Sleeping beautiesKing, Stephen,2017-09-22
AutumnSmith, Ali,2017-09-22
The ministry of utmost happinessRoy, Arundhati,2017-09-22
BeartownBackman, Fredrik,2017-09-21
The almost sistersJackson, Joshilyn,2017-09-18
The painted queenPeters, Elizabeth,2017-09-18
American fireHesse, Monica,2017-09-18
The good peopleKent, Hannah,2017-09-18
The late showConnelly, Michael,2017-09-18
Devil's bargainGreen, Joshua,2017-09-18
Little fires everywhereNg, Celeste,2017-09-18
The golden houseRushdie, Salman,2017-09-18
A column of fireFollett, Ken,2017-09-08
Fast falls the nightKeller, Julia,2017-08-22
Y is for yesterdayGrafton, Sue,2017-08-22
The windfallBasu, Diksha,2017-08-22
The hidden life of treesWohlleben, Peter,2017-08-22
Before we were yoursWingate, Lisa,2017-08-22
Kiss CarloTrigiani, Adriana,2017-08-22
The last TudorGregory, Philippa,2017-08-04
Paradise valleyBox, C. J.,2017-07-17
Rich people problemsKwan, Kevin,2017-07-11
The people we hate at the weddingGinder, Grant,2017-07-11
The wonderDonoghue, Emma,2017-07-11
Al Franken, giant of the SenateFranken, Al,2017-07-05
The frozen hoursShaara, Jeff,2017-06-23
Homo deusHarari, Yuval N.,2017-06-19
Churchill and OrwellRicks, Thomas E.,2017-06-19
The American spiritMcCullough, David G.,2017-06-19
The rise and fall of D.O.D.O.Stephenson, Neal,2017-06-13
Killers of the Flower MoonGrann, David,2017-06-13
Astrophysics for people in a hurryTyson, Neil deGrasse,2017-06-13
The fixBaldacci, David,2017-06-05
Camino IslandGrisham, John,2017-06-05
Into the waterHawkins, Paula,2017-06-05
In the name of the familyDunant, Sarah,2017-06-05
Anne BoleynWeir, Alison,2017-06-05
16th seductionPatterson, James,2017-06-05
Golden preySandford, John,2017-06-05
Grief cottageGodwin, Gail,2017-06-05
The shark clubTaylor, Ann Kidd,2017-06-05
Come sundownRoberts, Nora,2017-06-05
The chalk pitGriffiths, Elly,2017-06-05
The long dropMina, Denise,2017-05-22
The women in the castleShattuck, Jessica,2017-05-16
New boyChevalier, Tracy,2017-05-16
Saints for all occasions Sullivan, J. Courtney,2017-05-09
The baker's secretKiernan, Stephen P.,2017-05-02
One perfect lieScottoline, Lisa,2017-05-02
Anything is possibleStrout, Elizabeth,2017-04-21
I found youJewell, Lisa,2017-04-21
The lost book of the Grail, or, A visitor's guide to Barchester CathedralLovett, Charles C.,2017-04-17
Vicious circleBox, C. J.,2017-04-17
CelineHeller, Peter,2017-04-17
My not so perfect lifeKinsella, Sophie,2017-04-17
Ill willChaon, Dan,2017-04-17
A twist of the knifeMasterman, Becky,2017-04-17
Setting free the kitesGeorge, Alex,2017-04-17
The refugeesNguyen, Viet Thanh,2017-03-02
FaithfulHoffman, Alice,2017-02-08
The sleepwalkerBohjalian, Chris,2017-01-31
Little deathsFlint, Emma,2017-01-26
Right behind youGardner, Lisa,2017-01-24
The fire by nightMessineo, Teresa,2017-01-24
The patriotsKrasikov, Sana,2017-01-24
Her every fearSwanson, Peter,2017-01-24
ClassRosenfeld, Lucinda,2017-01-24
The life and times of Persimmon WilsonPeacock, Nancy,2017-01-24
Never neverPatterson, James,2017-01-16
Truly madly guiltyMoriarty, Liane,2017-01-03
When breath becomes airKalanithi, Paul,2017-01-03
The black widowSilva, Daniel,2017-01-03
Crisis of characterByrne, Gary J.,2017-01-03
The chemistMeyer, Stephenie,2017-01-03
Night schoolChild, Lee,2017-01-03
The last mileBaldacci, David,2017-01-03
History of wolvesFridlund, Emily,2017-01-03
Born a crimeNoah, Trevor,2017-01-03
The white donkeyUriarte, Maximilian,2017-01-03
The book of joyBstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho,2016-12-14
The whistlerGrisham, John,2016-12-14
Small great thingsPicoult, Jodi,2016-12-14
To capture what we cannot keepColin, Beatrice,2016-11-29
Our revolutionSanders, Bernard,2016-11-14
The terranautsBoyle, T. Coraghessan,2016-10-25
News of the worldJiles, Paulette,2016-10-18
Born to runSpringsteen, Bruce,2016-10-18
A gentleman in MoscowTowles, Amor,2016-10-18
The last days of nightMoore, Graham,2016-09-16
Dark matterCrouch, Blake,2016-09-16
Apprentice in deathRobb, J. D.,2016-09-02
Curious mindsEvanovich, Janet,2016-08-17
DamagedScottoline, Lisa,2016-08-09
Heroes of the frontierEggers, Dave,2016-07-26
FalloutTurtledove, Harry,2016-07-18
The woman in cabin 10Ware, Ruth,2016-07-18
The last oneOliva, Alexandra,2016-07-05
Wolf LakeVerdon, John,2016-06-27
I let you goMackintosh, Clare,2016-06-27
The art of warCoonts, Stephen,2016-06-27
Lilac girlsKelly, Martha Hall,2016-06-27
I'm thinking of ending thingsReid, Iain,2016-06-27
The nestSweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix,2016-06-27
The girlsCline, Emma,2016-06-27
The woman in blueGriffiths, Elly,2016-05-11
The bazaar of bad dreamsKing, Stephen,2015-11-05
The girls of Mischief BayMallery, Susan,2015-02-23
BetrayedScottoline, Lisa,2014-11-18
The silver starWalls, Jeannette.2013-06-10
The stormCussler, Clive.2012-05-22
House of the huntedMills, Mark,2012-04-12
Title Call Number Date Added
City of ghostsJC599.S95 C58 2017a2018-11-05
Last men in AleppoDS99.A56 L37 20182018-11-05
Gunner PalaceDS79.764.U6 G86 20052018-11-05
SoloPN1997.2 .S65 2018a2018-10-19
ItPN1997.2 .I8 20172018-10-17
Darkest hourPN1997.2 .D37 20182018-10-17
Darkest hourPN1997.2 .D37 2018a2018-10-16
ItPN1997.2 .I8 2017a2018-10-09
Three billboards outside Ebbing, MissouriPN1997.2 .T47 20182018-09-25
CocoPN1997.2 .C63 20182018-09-25
Deadpool 2PN1997.2 .D433 2018a2018-09-25
DeadpoolPN1997.2 .D43 20162018-09-24
CocoPN1997.2 .C63 2018a2018-09-24
Three billboards outside Ebbing, MissouriPN1997.2 .T47 2018a2018-09-24
Black PantherPN1997.2 .B53 2018a2018-09-24
DeadpoolPN1997.2 .D43 2016a2018-09-21
My man GodfreyPN1997 .M953 20122018-08-09